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  1. Irredeemable left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Red Dead Redemption
    Hassle free buyer. Transferred cash promptly 10/10 will deal again

    juzjaz was The Buyer

  2. gmanu555 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Few of PS3 titles up for grabs
    Excellent communication and shipping time. Everything perfect.

    juzjaz was The Seller

  3. Cyborg left Positive feedback   

    Awesome person to deal with. Prompt payment & zero hassles. Will deal again anyday.

    juzjaz was The Buyer

  4. Keano left Positive feedback   

    Prompt payment, and is patient when i am not able to ship the game on the first day. One more A+ deal on IVG. Thank you Juzjaz

    juzjaz was The Buyer

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