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  1. sounds like you ran into a few Gujjars who wanted to bash you up in lieu of payment (from you) ??
  2. So will market tank tonight (usa time)? America is on its way to official recession
  3. Haaland breaks leg in USA, It is unclear the severity of Haaland’s injury, where on the fibula the break occurred, or how long it may take for it to heal
  4. M1 airs are out of stock everywhere. M2 is gonna launch and id assume they have pulled out all old stock. I searched on apple's website and they gave an estimate of 20-27 august as delivery for M1. I feel late august is when the Macs will be restocked, will wait tab tak. Also, is it just me or the ivg website is hella slow ? I mean I am visiting here after 4 yrs but posts take a good while to get posted.
  5. yeah. I cancelled the order. I googled the seller (treasure haul online btw) and there were lots of complaints against it on a consumer website. Hence I noped out. my 6th sense was not giving good vibe. I'll wait for amazon to restock the M1 airs.
  6. Halaand and Lisandro Martinez waiting for Ederson goal kick
  7. Lisandro Martinez going to defend corner against Koulibaly
  8. Man I’m tired of this government’s policy I have a lakh in crypto. Not sure if loss or even and at this point I’m too tired to even check. I’m thinking to cash out 60k ka iphone 13 mini + 12k ka nepal return tickets = 72k Baaki 28k mein Nepal mein kitne din randibaazi kar sakte hain ? Assuming no lodging charges as I have a friend in Kathmandu
  9. Lisandro Martinez is like 5'3" why is he a centre back ?
  10. guys, how is Treasure Hunt Online seller on Flipkart ? It's rating is 3.7 reliable ? I ordered an MacBook Air M1 Abhi, but I am having doubts because: 1. it is an M1 air 256gb, which are out of stock everywhere. Did I order a legit product ? 2. price listed was 92.900 they have shipped the order, yes. but should I cancel it and wait for someplace reliable like amazon to list M1 air ?
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