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  1. Anyone know if the texture assets were created in-house at Guerrilla Games or did they hire another firm to generate the game assets?
  2. https://www.anandtech.com/show/15839/electromigration-amd-ryzen-current-boosting-wont-kill-your-cpu This article is proof of there doesn't simply exist some startling misconceptions amongst the wider audience and community consisting of enthusiastic engineers and consumers considering that it was written to accommodate the same who dogmatically believe that there it is engineeringly feasible to correlate publicly marketed processor specifications such as PPT, TDC & EDT with a scientific concept like electromigration. What cannot be forgiven is the grossly inaccurate assumption that poor power factor as a result lacklustre motherboard design that also is assumed to be consistent across motherboard vendors and CPU vendor engineering teams when finalising the TDP values for their respective power states. If this is representative of the present state of communication between CPU vendor marketing teams and the consumer audience, then I wonder how long it might take the enthusiast community to actually realise the difference in idealogy between Intel and AMD, where AMD resorts to a somewhat engineeringly unintuitive chiplet design strategy BUT compensates by implementing an incredibly optimised voltage sub-domain ISA for their chiplets alone while Intel sticks to the tried-and-tested monolithic design while opting to defer from publicly marketing majority of its voltage sub-domain ISA optimisations for its SRAM core resulting in smaller but faster SRAM caches. The problem with AMDs strategy is that from a purely marketing perspective it is too much to digest considering that monolithic chip designs have largely been accepted as the successful marketing strategy for intergenerational chip designs when compared to AMDs chiplet + 2xIO die design. It should be noted that the same faster SRAM cache on a larger node that Intel sells, all the while remaining competitive with AMD CPUs that are created on a node that is considered to be a generation ahead, is very telling of the glaring differences in engineering intuition between the actual engineers and the enthusiast consumers. Although, for this to happen the enthusiast community has to first acknowledge that desktop CPU vendors have long since been designing their CPUs with optimised cores and caches that safely outpace improvements in the evolution of data selector prefetches of DRAM technology.
  3. ^^ Have they released a whitepaper on DXR as well?
  4. Stock springs on most popular steering wheel sets don't feel authentic. It's a very common complaint. Are you planning to sell the replacement once you get it?
  5. @Walker Wouldn't that change the pedal characteristics like pedal travel, pedal resistance, etc.?
  6. Go ahead. I'm not here to rebel against authority. It's normal for people to end up in a bad place. But please remember that i did not say anything racist or sexist.
  7. @ALPHA17 I never said anything racist or sexist, neither did i insult anyone. So, how is it that you take pleasure in posting that meme? Do you think its nice want to mock someone for having a panic attack?
  8. @blitzkreiig I still have a cold. Do you recommend i check myself into a hospital?
  9. Just so you know, i have no line of credit either.
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