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AtheK's Feedback

  1. aj1234 left Positive feedback   

    quick trade, clear communication, great guy to deal with

    AtheK was Trading

  2. abhi1980 left Positive feedback   

    Great guy to deal with :)

    AtheK was The Buyer

  3. shockwave left Positive feedback   

    Awesome buyer. Prompt payment. Complete hassle free deal. Would love to deal again. Thanks Man :D

    AtheK was The Buyer

  4. tracerbullet left Positive feedback   

    Very prompt. He paid up immediately after confirming and the whole sale was a breeze. High recommended :)

    AtheK was The Buyer

  5. Agent 47 left Positive feedback   

    good seller, very trustworthy, recommended, 10/10

    AtheK was The Seller

  6. rAgHaV left Positive feedback   

    quick shipping, hassle free trade.. received all the contents in excellent condition.

    AtheK was The Seller

  7. codedlivess left Positive feedback   

    awesome buyer. great guy 11/10

    AtheK was The Buyer

  8. spindoctor left Positive feedback   

    Quick payment and hassle free trade

    AtheK was The Buyer

  9. nightmare left Positive feedback   

    Excellent communicator, was in touch till i got the game :) highly recommended 11/10!!!

    AtheK was The Seller

  10. nightmare left Positive feedback   

    Excellent guy to deal with!! 11/10!! would love to deal with him again!!!

    AtheK was The Seller

  11. Right left Positive feedback   

    Excellent buyer, very quick payment and absolutely no hassles, will love to trade again.

    AtheK was The Buyer

  12. Ashishnk left Positive feedback   

    esay trade....smooth as a jell-O ....

    AtheK was Trading

  13. TheHitman left Positive feedback   

    Excellent buyer, would love to deal with again

    AtheK was The Buyer

  14. Snake left Positive feedback   

    Awesome guy,hassle free trade!!!

    AtheK was The Buyer

  15. rAgHaV left Positive feedback   

    paid on time.. great guy to deal with :)

    AtheK was The Buyer

  16. Assassins Creed left Positive feedback   

    Awesome Seller.. Game was delivered on same day :)

    AtheK was The Seller

  17. dR gAm3 left Positive feedback   

    awesome guy as everybody knows..hope to deal wid him again...

    AtheK was The Buyer

  18. Fire Wolf left Positive feedback   

    Great deal, instant transfer of money. A+

    AtheK was The Buyer

  19. lastAvenger left Positive feedback   

    Always a pleasure dealing with him..recommended

    AtheK was The Buyer

  20. www.intencity.in left Positive feedback   

    Smooth hassle free trade 10/10. Pleasure dealing with ya yet again. Thx

    AtheK was The Buyer

  21. vbhoj74 left Positive feedback   

    Well he does not really need a feedback... so I would just say that look forward to dealing with you again bro !

    AtheK was The Buyer

  22. sunnycricket left Positive feedback   

    Top seller, product as described.

    AtheK was The Seller

  23. www.intencity.in left Positive feedback   

    Excellent buyer... Prompt payment & hassle free transaction, stood by his pre-order commitment. Highly recommended A++

    AtheK was The Buyer

  24. akS ! left Positive feedback   

    Payment was quick and buyer was really patient. In all A+

    AtheK was The Buyer

  25. piksdevil left Positive feedback   

    10/10. One of the best traders I have seen in GI. Keep it up

    AtheK was The Seller

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