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  1. 2 hours ago, KnackChap said:




    would they have allowed an asian or some other player to participate if she had tested positive just before the game. 

    No ways it’s always somehow that rules are tweaked based on skin Color, sad but true. 

    interesting game though!!

  2. 45 minutes ago, Big Boss said:

    I seriously don't understand what the team management saw in Avesh Khan. He is an average bowler. Also this bs with Sky as an opener continues. Baffling experiments.

    Maybe because they don't want to play KL rahul there, anyway KL only plays for himself. SKY is actually doing good as opener, plus we need some one who can start scoring from ball 1, which both KL and Nohit are not good at.



  3. 3 hours ago, silentassassin said:



    I dint mind keep Bhuvi in shed. Let youngsters get the chance to prove themselves.
    But agreed about Avesh. Needs more time. Arshdeep is way better.

    Bumrah, Bhuvi & Harshal should be our 3 bowlers. 

    Ya send Avesh and Umran back they need to spend time in Ranji and then blood them. These days it seems playing for India is becoming much easier then before when people had to grind it.


    this is the downside of IPL I guess.

  4. 5 hours ago, 0verlord said:

    Enamel mugs are high quality, durable, used in military (bhag milkha bhag movie)


    I think enamel material enables high quality printing of the artwork with good durability of mug - good choice for a collectible 



    4 hours ago, 0verlord said:

    No, it isn’t local printed mug. It’s official and available across the world with physical pre-orders. Here’s an example from a random country physical seller. 




    4 hours ago, 0verlord said:

    You can get official keychain, mug or pen stand across the world depending on availability 




    Ok high quality hagga magga!!


    Now you happy bro!!

  5. 16 hours ago, Mysteryman said:



    Preorder to get an ugly mug. 

    that looks like the one they used to show in old movies, which inamtes used to get food in Jail, you can also store water in it for cleaning your a*s after a good hagga.


    What a fail of collectible.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Bird Bird Bird said:


    Hoping it comes to PS+ Premium...soon. 2023 New Year surprise, Sony ? :censored:

    Sure, also additionaly 60$ credit in your PSN account on downloading the game from PSN+ Premium.

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  7. Literally made batting look ridiculously easy in the last over, brilliant innings.


    Hardik has done so so well, he has made his place permanent now, maybe we should just avoid playing him in tests, let him excel in white ball cricket.


    Kohli needs to be dropped for the WC, we can’t keep playing with 10 players thinking he will suddenly come back in form. He needs to practice and not rest.


    Dhawan also needs to go now, it’s been too long, Kishan and KL are ready for that role.

  8. 3 hours ago, harsh1387 said:

    Sunny G talking freely and raising valid points. Perosnally I feel whoever wants rest for playing for India and is fit and fine to play entire ipl shouldn't be selected for India thereafter. However this hero worship will go on without repurcussiona cos bcci doesn't give a sh*t except for minting money. 

    Even Venkatesh Prasad has now spoken, the guy hardly ever spoke except to Sohail. I agree with Gavaskar And Venky, this is ridicolous now. BCCI should probably start deducting money for these guys too proportianetly to each match they miss while being fit.


    I wish I had this option in my office, see I came to office for 2 weeks in a row, I will take next month off as project is not that interesting, please continue to pay me though.


    Good performance with the ball meanwhile, good to see our fast balling unit perform, not sure what is worng with them in second innings of test matches from sometime now though!

  9. 6 minutes ago, anish12345 said:


    I am gonna get a Triumph Street Triple. I tried the bike out and loved it. It'll probably be my first middleweight bike. 

    Beautiful bike I ride the 675 quite a bit with an arrow exhaust, only problem is the wind blast, you will have a great time. Parts are no issues with street triple all available in India.

  10. 9 minutes ago, Big Boss said:

    What an innings by SKY. Too bad we won't win. Shreyas Iyer is awful. Can't play short ball at all. No need to even take him to Australia.

    don’t think he will be in plan, Pandya walks ahead of him anyday now. Hooda has been a great find too, wish they had played him today instead of Iyer.


    2 minutes ago, KnackChap said:

    One of the greatest t20i innings by an Indian batter. 

    Absolutely brilliant, superb clean hitting.

  11. 9 minutes ago, TheGothamChampion said:

    Kohli should be dropped after this match. 

    He is going to rest for next series after all the hard work he has put in, guy deserves it, it’s not easy to do Bhangra in field, takes lot of energy.


    hopefully bcci invests Ina good choreographer for WC.

  12. 1 hour ago, Bird Bird Bird said:

    And done with Thor. 


    WTF is wrong with the reviews ? It's such a fun ride, with so many things to like. 


    Korg's narration is top notch, and then goats are..well..GOATS ! Enjoyed Crowe's take on Zeus. Post credit scenes are worth it, and Christian Bale as Gorr is menacing. 


    Had a grin at the end, and was laughing throughout the movie. Perfect summer blockbuster. Tad better than MoM. Natalie Portman rocks ! Music is :band:

    Try harder


    Dance Dancing GIF by Soul Train

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