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  1. Get well soon mate, this too shall pass.
  2. same for one of my a\old account on bajaj finance, something I picked in 2007, finally paid them 12 rupees last year and got it closed.
  3. does that 1$ upgrade thing still works, my sub ends next month. Though I really don't mind paying full price for this service too.
  4. Bangladesh has created history, what an achievement, if they can keep there head on shoulders and not be so emotional, they can really do well. They have the passion and the drive.
  5. This is his second series now, he should put his foot down if not Indira Nagar ka gunda atleast should speak up. And one of these two experienced guy has been ultra pathetic from a long long time now, hopefully both get out on 0 and we can have them booted for good, I still feel for Pujara but rahane is such a shameless chap.
  6. Dravid is the one who should take the blame for this, he has not changed anything and just playing along.
  7. It's definitely a good one time watch, I liked it for what it was, maybe a little too long, a bit of trimming was possible. Srikanth role for me was the best!!!
  8. In a role reversal My Banta decided to shake the things a bit and decided to become my Santa also , received these two amazing gifts from @SRahulNayak This is highly appericated and thanks again for this
  9. Got my final gifts from my Santa, thanks @abhi90
  10. What a beautiful thought of gift @HundredProofSam, this is highly appreciated, thanks a lot It's been a long long journey together, 14 long years and counting some great friendships, no where else i would want to be!! Also this reminded me of this.
  11. raegar charges at 7.5W, I tested and returned it.
  12. True cos it does, and rushab confirm when you can, I will pick one of these for the car.
  13. Interesting that it says it supports 15W charging, cos if it does i just wasted so much money buying apple original magsafe charger
  14. Thanks for the Chocolates Dear Santa!! And I guess I know who you are!!
  15. Saw the movie today, waited for theatre to clear up, was happy watching it peacefully with less tension of covid, then hearing the fans cheering, a tradeoff I am Ok with it We were just 10-11 in the theatre, so the wait was totally worth it. The movies is very well done, though my expectations were a bit on the higher side but I will take this, lot of WOW moments, and overall a good catch after being away from theatres for 2+ Years. I will probably watch it again in IMAX on a weekday next week, when crowd thins out more.
  16. Forza for me, the only game i played in that list
  17. Now I will find and ban both his accounts for violating rules. xmas came early for your Santa!!!
  18. Dude you seem to have really lost your sh*t this time, very very paranoid. Take a deep breath and relax, I know you are feeling the heat, but panicking won't help, and stopping Flights is not the solution
  19. I am waiting for all patches to release first
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