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  1. itna paisa main itna hi milega...
  2. I think is attendance is around 50 people :p
  3. Aaj bhi Goron ki hakumat main....
  4. Rohit sharma is a dud in test arena, not needed. Ashwin exclusion is sad,he deserved to play ahead of jaddu.
  5. You can use your Samsung ID,which can be different from your playstore id.
  6. Yes both accounts can be different.
  7. No its the same for all countries now for samsung, if you buy a phone in India, you have to use an Indian sim till phone gets activated. It can be any Indian sim, the reason you have been asked to use the prebook number is for you to get prebook offer. You can use any other sim, in sim 2 slot. Once phone is activated any other country sim can be used. You will see your box will say Indian sim only. Just like other countries, Indian models can be exported too where the phone is expensive
  8. I did not get the question.. You can use the same number (generally your current mobile number) from the moment you switch on the phone. The prebook number has to be used as phone gets activated on Indian sim, it can be any sim. But if you dont have the same prebook number being used, you won't get the prebooking offer.
  9. This is how it works. Samsung ships them directly and you will see the banner in the app shortly. Make sure you use the same number to activate the phone and register on the app.
  10. Yeah! I wanted something with lounge access though. Yes Bank premi card, you might not get the preferred, but premia mil jayega. That has lounge access.
  11. Shitty (Citi) bank I have the first citizen Citibank card that is also lifetime free, check on that. They do have few lifetime free cards.
  12. Refer kardo. :p But on a serious note regalia first is offered free to pretty much everyone. What bank do you have salary account with.
  13. Other option is to apply for regalia first which is lifetime free without conditions. I had to get that first as I did not have HDFC account, then after sometime they automatically upgraded me to Regalia. You can go for regalia first. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  14. Pretty nice, will definitely be playing this.
  15. AtheK

    Gears 5

    Sweet, when does the preload begin..
  16. Mine is 100% free, probably becaue of me being employee of Capgemini. Alternatively, if they put a membership charge call and tell them to cancel the card. If you are using it regularly and never defaulted, they will waive off the yearly charge anyway.
  17. If you have an account with HDFC, call them, they will give you regalia for free. It's a very good card.
  18. No conditions for me with any of those 4 cards, even if I don't use them at all. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  19. Tonz of cards are free now, I have the following, all of them are lifetime free. 1. Icici Amazon Pay 2. HDFC Regaila 3. Citibank Shopper Stop Card 4. Yes Bank First Preferred The only card I pay for is SBI elite, which is again technically free for first year, and I plan to cancel it before the end of year.
  20. And now archer hits smith sub on the helmet, man ths guy is seriously fast. This after taking two wickets already.
  21. There was one more howler after that, I think with DRS umpires have started to take things too lightly.
  22. Shastri to continue to be head coach till 2021 WC to be held in India. https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/27398849/ravi-shastri-remain-india-head-coach I think its a good decision, he has been decent as coach, ya sometime speaks more then required, but overall he has been decent. Plus it's always good that captain and coach share good healthy working relation. On top of that the one shortlisted were not that great either.
  23. Check with them, or as kunjanp said check with Emirates, more or less process will be same. You don't go anywhere, it's all online. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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