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  1. I did not have to make any account with indigo so there you go, and just for information registrations in VFS to schedule appointments get deleted after 30 days of inactivity Anyway point is to get visa with least steps..
  2. Why do you say so, I had 0 issues with indigo and it came in a day or two. Whatever is the easiest is what consider the best [emoji14] Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  3. Ya he dropped a catch yesterday too, zyada hi sir pe chada diya usko.
  4. For me I had a booking on indigo they did the processing.
  5. Too many hits I guess, should have gone back to normal now.
  6. This landed in Canada today, let's see when the steel book reaches me. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  7. Guess this is the last of Gayle in ODI, brilliant innings to sign off.
  8. It will continue to be shastri... Doesn't seem it would change.
  9. The one over from bhuvi changed it match was interesting till then. Good century by bholi too. Pant does not seem be a #4 material, Jadeja bat's better then him.
  10. Na not a fan boy, but between Apple and sammy, sammy anyday. Might try to reno zoom 10x if the price comes down. Wait till 23rd Aug once the note 10 hits the market. I am tempted to buy note 10 pro, but the s9+ is going strong, and one more major update is guaranteed. Maybe wait out this cycle and go with s11+
  11. Including me, hated the plastic bodies uptil S5. TouchWiz was sh*t too, one UI has changed that. Sammy has definitely turned it around..
  12. I have had 0 issues with my S6, S7 edge, S8, S9+ So there is that...
  13. Where in they remove one features, phone slows down, they throttle speeds, though it has now been addressed. I think when it comes to mobil os, we have pretty much peaked out, the move from one version to other hardly has any changes. 1.25 for iPhone is equivalent of getting two note phones. Works out the same and who keeps phone for 5 years these days.
  14. Cheaper then US if yiu take into consideration the Cashback, on par if taken without Cashback.
  15. Why is kedar jadhav playing, what a f**ked up selection committee and captaincy.
  16. Note 10 - 256 + 8 = 69,990 Note 10+ - 256 +11 = 79,990 6K cash back on Icici cards. Pre order and get galaxy active for 10k
  17. I have a 4k LG 55" LED in living room and 65" LG OLED in my HT/Gaming room, same content looks just too different on both the tvs. So much so my kid wants to watch all his cartoons on OLED only. If you have the budget get the OLED, you won't repent.
  18. Finally a substantial knock by pant.
  19. He already did it with him being sent back from Australia tour, kohli say what may, seems to have brilliant work ethics.
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