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  1. AtheK

    Gears 5

    Ya man long time, if only we can find that a*s Umang from somewhere, that guy had mad skills...
  2. If the game resumes today then..
  3. AtheK

    Gears 5

    Yes and i think pretty much everyone who owns a Xbox in IVG will play it, technically it is FREEEE
  4. Ya that is true, but nothing is in our hands the only good thing is that our batsmen will be rested with a good night sleep.
  5. Main to kehta hoon kal bhi hoti rahe baarish ab Sunday khelenge..
  6. Starts from 46th over of NZ innings.
  7. ASeems if inspection does not happen in next 45 mins game will be deferred to tomorrow. Forecast for tomorrow is not good either.
  8. 50 overs, and don't worry too much, we will chase down the final equation.. Whatever it takes... Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  9. We wont need to be on 148 in that case, but around 80/0
  10. Which will be recalculated on number of wickets we have at nd of each over after 20 ovs, so if it is a 46 over game and we get rain at 23rd over, and India is around 85/0 we will win. Which keeps changing in real time from there on.
  11. Harsha Bhogle: The shorter the game, the stiffer the run-rate India will have to achieve. If it is a 20 over game now, the target would be 148. If, however, it becomes a 46 over game and India bat 20 overs, the target then will actually be just about 60-70 for no loss. So another thing we will need to keep in mind.. Added complexity.
  12. Cos they need min 30 mins to prepare the ground after a go ahead from umpire. Let's hope we can get in as many overs as possible.
  13. Won't happen though, so let's just back the team for Wtever the target is.
  14. And we have started losing overs, so no way NZ is batting again. Now better if it just keeps drizzling throughout the day...
  15. They will first preference is to finish the game today.. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  16. He went for 63 runs, Jaddu went for 34, nope not a brilliant bowler. Even against BD he went for 50 and then 88 against England, he just buckles under pressure. Today's bad balling is also because of that. WI 40 in 7 ovs when they were all out for 143. DLS is freaking funny. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  17. He misfielded before too which went for four, he is slow off the blocks. He really needs to work on his fielding.
  18. Tell me bout chahal, why is he playing, tera favorite 😛
  19. Why I told you chahal is not worthy, shitty fielder.
  20. Need to get two more before they reach 100
  21. This is exactly the reason I don't like chahal.
  22. Bina matlab ke launde pe pressure bana rakha hai to bowl 10 ovs.
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