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  1. So how pathetic is thor? Trailers look absolutely Mediocre The 20 second God Of war trailer had more feels!
  2. So Mr.Kohli wants to rest for T20I series also, man this guy is busy digging his own grave, what did he do to take rest, got tired of yapping and dancing on the field? I will be surprised to see him in playing 11 against England, he is non deserving currently and I would be happy if selectors declare that they are resting Kohli for WC also.
  3. As soon as Hardik gets bowling aspect of his to game, he becomes the first player to be chosen in the side. I hope he continues to do both atleast in white ball cricket. He definitely is in line to be the next captain after Kohli and Sharma will make sure we lose this year WC.
  4. Picked this baby up...A college life dream fulfilled..
  5. By kratos himself and we will then get a remake of original god of war with all fancy graphics and tech as launch title of PS6, life comes a full circle.
  6. Well that is apparent buddy 😄 But my dear grandson, The rule of thumb is everyone only wants to make money in the end.
  7. comes across more as 12.3
  8. How old are you buddy?
  9. Ya that is what writer wanted in GoW 3. then we have writers boss who needs to make money, so he might die in this game only to come back as Atreus sons grandfather in next instalment titled Grandfather of God Of War
  10. the purpose of PS5 would have been served!!
  11. PS5 on Sale on November 15th!!!
  12. that has made sure I will never buy digit inusrance again!! So Kohli has been rested for Wi tour, probably he would be too tired doing antics on field by end of next 10 days!! What a thought process.
  13. Instead of putting his head down and acknowledge that he is a shadow of what he used to be, he is just making sure that everyone is slowly turning against him. Forget English media, our own country man have been laughing at what he did. earlier hai batting used to overshadow this stupidity, now stupidity is all that is on display.
  14. Bowling has been not able to replicate to same intensity in 2nd innings too, we were mediocre in SA too while bowling second. that said the top order needs a revamp. Kohli, vihari and Iyer need to go, Iyer can probably play in subcontinent.
  15. Neither we need him, nor he deserves to be there. Where his counterpart Root who was supposed to be a tinge inferior to him has gone strength to strength, our boy has gone frmo MC BC to Bhangra!!
  16. Kohli is playing as the cheerleader of the team.
  17. Spin is Jaffa, Pace is jaffa, Medium pace is jaffa, right now his life is Jaffa. Ya he should take the year off.
  18. that said, kohli please come back home and take the rest of the year off, you will end up screwing World cup again for us.
  19. JB must be your bat does not talk these days only your mouth does, that too against your team.
  20. Exactly, and also not like Indian team is not winning without him, hell one of our best wins this century came when he was not around. He has done great, but if we have to go with past records, let’s bring back Sachin also then 😂😂 he has to agree rest is not going to back him in form anymore, that part is done and dusted, he needs to make some adjustments and start scoring big, he is our #4, the most coveted position. commentators are discussing how if India gets root out, they have got half the England team, and for Kohli they are commenting, if Kohli can get back in form soon it will immensely benefit India, the best way to put it in current state.
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