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  1. best TV to get under a lac for dad, not too held up on refresh rate, thinking of X80AJ, will go check it out today. COming to around 93.5 for 65" on amazon after 5% amazon pay cashback Sony TV
  2. save money buy tin dabba from maruti, deti hi deti hai, aur kahin lag jaye to bahut leti hai!!
  3. Well you tamper with ECU so ya warranty technically gets void, but you can always reflash the stock ECU back before claiming any warranty claims. That said initially drive on standard power it is close to 150 bhp that is anyway way above 104 bhp you get now. Once you are boerd we can do the remap. If you just want to do Stage 1 that is ECU remap, it depends on tuner, can cost anything from 15k - 25K depending how good the tuner is and wuality of tune. Stage 2 you will need to change few parts.
  4. But that is the beauty of polo you can easily get it from outside, it’s a car which has sold by truck loads in the world. Let me know which part number I might be able to source it for you. Regarding mods you can easily remap the engine, get better suspension setup, for polo you can swap parts with GTi model, potential are endless. My vento is running on stage 2; and is on around 132 bhp with around 235 torque, stock is 104 bhp and 175 nm torque, so you can gauge the difference. My car also has launch control and updated DSg software too if you want to know more feel free to Pm me.
  5. Ya I am gonna drive the virtus once it is out, the car looks fantastic and has the same gear combo, not to forget the mod potential. The gearbox and engine can be easily tuned to get almost 20-30% more power.
  6. Ask for VIN, decode manufacturing date if it is march, you are good. Regarding DSG it’s fantastic, TC is good but no where as much fun, yes it is prone to failure, take maximum extended warranty, I have kept some money aside if it fails now since warranty is over. If an option I will buy DSG every time. This is VW group DSG I am talking about though, I have not driven the Dsg from other manufacturers and not sure how they are tuned:
  7. Good start taxi service also now!!! Congratulations bro!!
  8. Dubai Saga seems to continue, Toss Jeeto Match Jeeto!!
  9. he was probably spotting talent in Bollywood then!!
  10. Did you get GST paid bill, I see base price quotes is 1481, and rest is GST. 2600 seems to be quoted as over inflated price.
  11. God only knows, you have the part number that was given to you?
  12. Well this popped up on my wall from 9 years back, how tables have turned!!
  13. Ravindra Jadeja will lead Chennai Super Kings in the upcoming IPL 2022, after MS Dhoni, who has led the team since the first season of the tournament, in 2008 - bar the two years when the team was banned - announced his decision to step down from the leadership position. The franchise confirmed the news on their website, adding that "Dhoni will continue to represent Chennai Super Kings this season and beyond".
  14. you can write about motorcycle in the car part, they will be happy to read through it. But just like how IVG (GI) was intially Console heavy, and PC posts were very less, TBHP also started with cars predominantly. Ya they are pretty strict, i have myself got infractions, but then the good thing is it's not selctive and across the board, so that keeps the content good and readable. In IVG we are liberal, but then we are very less in number too. As some one mentioned spend sometime there and you will start appericating them, though yes sometimes it feels pretty restrictive.
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