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  1. Thanks but i have no intention to root the phone, it gets it's job done and i don't know if my dad even cares. He anyway uses it as his secondary phone.
  2. I have been using the apple watch for sometime now, before this I had the Watch 4 for few months before I had to switch to apple watch as I switched to iPhone. Except for few positives of apple watch just because of the ecosystem, I will firmly rate the watch 4 a better watch. It felt like a watch, had better battery life, looked great, and costed half of apple watch. It also almost pretty much does everything that apple watch does. I strongly recommend it. Pity that Watch 4 did not work with apple, unlike previous ones because of android wear I guess.
  3. I used S9+ for so long without needing to root as a matter of fact my dad still uses it, all it needed was a battery change. Another huge drawback is once you root the phone, office emails do not work. That said, with the latest crop of phones the processor are soo good they would easily last you 3+ years without any significant drop of performance. The updates year on year are hardly much now, and do not necessarily need processing power bump.
  4. Why would anyone want to root anyway in this day and age. Just disable the stupid apps that you can't uninstall.
  5. And kohli might miss IPL citing anushka is having mood swings and unable to post on Instagram so he needs to be there for her. Sanjay bangar will make it to playing 11.
  6. iphone 13 pro max battery is operating at another level, absolutely crushed it, even the iPhone 13 pro battery on my phone is lasting pretty long.
  7. Even if I agree with that list, maybe few of them I don't but still if you see the last good one probably released atleast 3-4 years back from that list.
  8. Watched dil chahta hai randomly not sure which number of time, still holds so good, such beautiful movie, timeless classic. And all we get is absolute gutter level garbage now, I honestly don't even remember when did we get a good Bollywood movie last.
  9. RCB should have put a bid too just for fun. Let's see what can be playing 11 provided everyone is available Faf Some newbie batsman (Anuj Rawat?) Kohli Some newbie batsman (Mahipal ?) Maxwell Karthik Shahbaz ahmed hasaranga Harshal Patel hazlewood siraj such a f**ked up team I can’t Even pick playing 11
  10. The only thought process could have been that he can bowl near good as Chahal and get few runs too, but 11 cr is a joke no matter how you look at it. Many players got way too much then what they are worth. This mega auction really needs to stop or each team shoukd be allowed to keep half the team. Though seeing the team rcb has picked I wish there was a mega auction next year itself.
  11. I know, bc with this team we will fight for 7th and 8th position, until some youngster comes across and show a brilliant form and performance, kohli is past his prime and Maxwell is No ABD. Looks like that, there was definitely something fishy in the way raina came back from dubai and probably all franchisees wanted to send out a message. That said he and ishant sharma priced themselves in oblivion with 2 cr base price both shoukd have kept 75 lacs as base price and may have got some bids. Lucknow and Gujrat have really done well for first timers.
  12. Looks good, meanwhile RCB probably has the worst team, atleast earlier team used to be semi decent only the captaincy was crap, ab to Bhagwaan malik.
  13. One of the best teams right now.
  14. RCB wants to try dad army plan this time :p
  15. But Yeh to bata kohli kaunse mood main tha aaj 😆
  16. Yeh dono Bhaiyon ke apas ke whatsapp message media pe kaun dalta rehta hai
  17. Until Rohit drops him from T20 team citing injury RCB must be thinking why the f**k did we retain him On another note, rohit sharma looked pretty worked up as captain in last match losing his cool on Thakur I think, very unlike of him, guess pressure showing up and two failures to boot too.
  18. lets lock the thread down for a few months to a year for that to happen
  19. kratos and Loki kill aloy in the end, using the new rune that has been opened.
  20. He looks lost on up the order, he should just play last 10 overs and know that he has to smash the ball, he is being wasted at #4 ya but he has a point, people credit kohli for winning in Australia while in reality elhe did nothing in that particular series, what he did do was lose the ICC Test championship.
  21. No not samsung employee, usually samsung employees get a little more discount then corporate offer. Also they get mailers with special deals. Not sure about the yearly coupon part but can check with a friend who works for samsung, he never mentioned such thing though.
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