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  1. Until Rohit drops him from T20 team citing injury RCB must be thinking why the f**k did we retain him On another note, rohit sharma looked pretty worked up as captain in last match losing his cool on Thakur I think, very unlike of him, guess pressure showing up and two failures to boot too.
  2. lets lock the thread down for a few months to a year for that to happen
  3. kratos and Loki kill aloy in the end, using the new rune that has been opened.
  4. He looks lost on up the order, he should just play last 10 overs and know that he has to smash the ball, he is being wasted at #4 ya but he has a point, people credit kohli for winning in Australia while in reality elhe did nothing in that particular series, what he did do was lose the ICC Test championship.
  5. No not samsung employee, usually samsung employees get a little more discount then corporate offer. Also they get mailers with special deals. Not sure about the yearly coupon part but can check with a friend who works for samsung, he never mentioned such thing though.
  6. Usually there pricing are par with Us prices, my guess will be it will retain same pricing as last year and will have cashback anyway so s h ould mimick US pricing
  7. That is a statement without any substance, if anything Samsung is one of the companies who get all there phones to India.
  8. Zomato pro plus? I got it for 300 rupees from Zomato app itself.
  9. Agreed with KL replacing Pant, Jaddu is going to be back, i think that time they can replace chahal with him, that should make the middle order super solid. Dhawan Rohit Virat Surya KL (WK) Jadeja Hooda Washington (Should play him as floater, if wickes fall early send him up) Thakur Siraj/Krishna Bumrah We will bat till #9
  10. din't he already failed thrice in SA? ALso he was down with Covid. I think Surya kumar is a better bet then Iyer anyway, maybe Iyer will get in for hooda in next game, that is the only open position, but then hooda might need to make way for dhawan, so Iyer will have to sit out.
  11. aaj kaunse mood main tha??? He really should take few series off and get back refreshed!!
  12. His mind is just somewhere else right now I will be happy to be proven wrong.
  13. And normal to see him to continue to fail with bat.
  14. India wins U19 world cup, it was a low scoring match and England really pushed us in the end, good to see boys holding on in the end. 5th U19 title for us, great show by bawa, looks like a good find, should get some good money in IPL. Great to see VVS s support member, his experience would have been immensely helpful.
  15. AtheK

    God of War

    So i was in some Greek good a*s whooping mood this Sunday, and I realized I have still not play GOW3 remastered. I fired up the game and had a blast till I met hades, he whooped my a*s couple of times instead, so I will try to go play it again soon and defeat the god of Underworld. This game still has one of the best opening sequence ever!! Playing this game comparison with new game was inevitable, and I must say ALL OVER AGAIN Cary Barlog has outdone himself, the new game though still feels god of war at root, is so vastly different. You relate absolutely every minute with both the Kratos and have a blast playing them. I am not sure if any other franchisee was ever rebooted in such a perfect way!! God of War Ragnarok might feel a bit older now, but never before that did I ever thought that there will be any weapon that can trump the Blade of Chaos, the AXE was a revelation. It also is a natural progression for me from being the young brat when the earlier god of war games came to being a father when this one dropped. This franchisee is what Dreams are made of, guess for me this would always be the pinnacle of my gaming life!!
  16. lagana to peeche cover hi hai, color ka kya Congrats!
  17. When you wake up late and buy what ever sabzi you get in mandi, cos mom said sabzi leke aana.
  18. Strength to you mate, hopefully all gets well soon!!
  19. Speak to Lokesh from htstore.in
  20. So how does it help you knowing India number is 2.5 lacs when say for example the city you are living in probably has 100 active cases. You can step out then. Regions are reporting individual city numbers, I know bangalore had around 16K cases yesterday, so it's still not safe to venture out, even if reported case in India say would have been 75K. What you need to see is how badly are hospital opd flooded to the hospital you want to take your dad too, India total number makes no sense for you😊
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