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  1. Ya but they should probably start to put that together or atleast what ever they can muster. I am sure they can work it out, we might get data which is couple of days old due to manual process, but should get some indication.
  2. And in the hindsight numbers mean nothing now, they are just numbers now they should stop with this daily crap and start reporting daily hospitalisations now.
  3. But why do you need to buy scampass and be scammed again, don’t even give a single rupee to Microsoft I tell you.
  4. Ya the ps plus version, makes sense for not making it eligible because then they might as well make it available for everyone with PS5 :p
  5. well in the upside you can still play the legacy edition, though won’t be able to own it
  6. Doesn't work, then I went and checked, apparently you need the ps4 digital bundle of both games to be eligible. In famous Mr.drakes word "here goes nothing” I used to have the disc not sure where I have misplaced it, well so be it!!
  7. Good now you can stick it behind iphone using magsafe and you will have iphone infinia metal edition!!
  8. Sweet, let's get this done then!!
  9. UC4 if you have from welcome back classic ps4 game pack, does it still allow you to upgrade, don't want to install the game or else.
  10. agreed brother, but what can you do, the way this sh*t is rolling, everyone is getting effected. I think only 3-4 people are left in my circle who have not get effected, i was one of them, but that will change soon now i guess. Once you are infected you area already on the way for long term covid implications, what ever they are, it can't be reversed anymore, truth is this. govt will never make it a rule, they themselves don't wanna wear it. Then again what do you do with countries like UK, they have already said no more mask starting this week. See other countries follow suit, it's a sh*t show now. The least this jokers can do is open booster dose for all, and get pfizer here and give it to little kids. US has been running it, and don't think any bad news have been reported. That said it is pfizer. As i said i will take my safety net and take some calculated risks, that is all i can do, that is all I will do. Can't do jack shot about what people around me choose to do, can't loose my sleep thinking about it all the time.
  11. and what would you do just because some one is not wearing mask, kill him, hang him. You can do absolutely nothing. What if you lose some one close to you due to Covid when you were sitting at home all the time, and that person still got it and unfortunately passed away, the loss bearing becomes less i guess, though the last few years of his or her life person stayed holed up in a house. You get symptoms 1. You test yes, or you just go into isolation for a week That is all you can do and SOP what to do next is published everywhere now this is not 2020. Other then that when you go out. you mask up you sanitize and you avoid crowded places, that is all you can do, that is all. Lot of them won't stay away from those places, few of them will, it's choice. Exercise it responsibly, that is the only option.
  12. Ya be prudent but the way people are panicking is like by doing that it is going to make the virus go away. Schools are breeding grounds, so is pretty much every gathering. Hell you yourself said you got it sitting at home, so did my wife last time. I am not panicking but I am definitely concerned, there is only so much I can do. The long term effects, how long you would wait to know about them, 2 more years, 5 more years, 15 more years, and once you know then what, woukd you reversw time. how long is long enough is any one guess now. Come on man, I am done with this, I am going to mask up, sanitize my hands, and get on with my life now. Yes we all know there is covid it's been around for 2 years and it is not going away anywhere for next 10 years, sit and home and wait for it to catch up, or take all precautions and try that it does not cross you, and if it does you deal with it. I got a health insurance worth 1.5 cr done for my family, I have taken a big term insurance plan, that is where everyone can start not necessarily panicking. Where did panicking and lockdown got us anyway, there is no ideal world not in India nor abroad. We have to learn to live with this unfortunately, there is no other option. Everyone has a choice to make, but now I am past that point in my life and this virus life span, that I refuse to question anyone choice. It's there choice and there life, if you are not comfortable with some one choices, don't meet them, don't go to such places. Now that enough has been told about virus, everyone knows the risks anyway. I on my part will act responsibly and will take some camore calculated risks compared to what I took last year. I hope others do the same, but that is my hope, it's ultimately individual choice and I am ok with what they choose.
  13. , This is a very well written article, we can either keep panicking or learn to live with it now. My son slept perfectly fine yesterday, only to wake up mid of night with 102 degree fever, I know what it is, and seeing how contagious this is, it is a matter of time me and wife will get it too, we can't isolate him. Now think of this as a scenario from before the pandemic, he would have got fever which is a viral, inadvertently me and my wife will get it too, every time he catches cold, we get it too, there is no escaping. I am not panicking this time, just started his treatment, and got mentally ready to do the same for me, and started the quarantine. Over testing is not achieving anything as said in the article above, you keep testing and you will keep finding cases. Get vaccinated and learn to live with it, that is the only option, this sh*t is not going anywhere for a long long time. Period!!
  14. phone has international warranty, not sure about watch. Also only makes sense if he is buying the pro version, if it is the normal iPhone 13, he can get it in India at almost the same price with the regular cashback discounts.
  15. https://www.onmanorama.com/news/business/2022/01/27/regular-market-approval-granted-for-covishield-covaxin-for-use-i.html So does that mean we can get booster shot in Private clinic?
  16. and Rohit will conveniently get Injured just before the start of an Overseas series It's no reason to play safe next test series is with Sri Lanka, Put Pant as In charge and let him take this team forward, Rohit should just concentrate on T20 WC and ODI Wc next year, because probably that will be end of his career as well, as he will be 36+ by then. He will probably hang up his boots anyway no matter what the result is, though I hope he gets us one of the two trophies atleast.
  17. If you are wearing the watch, watch just vibrates, screen does not light up
  18. You can setup alternate face id, i configured it to work with mask, you can use another face. That said the way watch and phone work together are phenomenal, you have watch on your hand, phone will unlock, you have phone in your hand watch will unlock. It's just flawless. Truecaller is very limited and missed, one of few apps which are better on Android, maybe due to ease of allowing access. Another feature i miss from android is notifications, i can in android switch off certain notification for an app, not possible to do in iOS.
  19. I don't think there is any specific app i miss, everything is pretty much available on iOS and generally a bit more polished. Camera is amazing and battery life is brilliant. The privacy feature of disabling apps to track you is also very well implemented. What I do miss is the option to customize the screen and nova launcher, also some things are just generally easy in android like setting up any mp3 file as ringtone or working with file manager. Honestly the difference between android and iOS is not too wide now.
  20. The only pro lem with 13 pro is that it is heavy because of use of SS, otherwise I am really liking the firm factor. If a bit of heft is not an issue go with pro or get the normal 13.
  21. It's not too bad, mainly OPD are crowded, but ICU and Ventilators are not stressed, atleast here in KA. I got to know this from a doctor himself, so thankfully vaccines are working.
  22. In Switzerland they have spit test, that is the best option I guess.My nephew in his school and other kids are tested every week, imagine if it was nasal swab every week.
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