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  1. GGWP, I was France and anurag was of course spurs.
  2. @rockstarnet when will you be available to play?
  3. Got an amazing box of daily milk silk chocolates- it got over before I could get even a piece to me, thanks to my nieces 😅 a lovely Chelsea FC scarf 😍 a bluray of “the joker” 🔥 and one more to come! thank you surya :hugs: pics when I get the 4th...
  4. That’s me hope you liked it, it’s the best dbz game apparently , offline and online. It was between this and ufc3 but since I read uf3 was a let down compare to ufc2, I chose this.
  5. That’s not good for your health, especially in the long term. My elder brother used to sleep 5-6 hours max for a long time, he’s back to reasonable 7-8 hours now , he feels much better and he’s more productive as well.
  6. Seen “the boys” on prime , Chernobyl, succession on Hotstar? highly recommend all these.
  7. Rosh

    FIFA 2020

    So , what’s op? Meta?
  8. Rosh

    FIFA 2020

    I saw it on reddit, the code showed 44 cards for top100 etc.
  9. Rosh

    FIFA 2020

    He is bound to get many IFs / potms like Reus did last year, I would not get the first one unless he’s priced really well. with no icon sbcs , sh*t reds/ monthlies back? / and UT rivals cards, best use will be potms / futmas player sbcs?
  10. Rosh

    FIFA 2020

    Wow. Sell and get the best totw1 IF you can for sure!
  11. Rosh

    FIFA 2020

    @Joe Cool congrats on becoming a mod on reddit! Do share impressions once you play it a bit, especially if you find what’s OP/ Meta 😅
  12. He’s like bale , quality player. not sure if he will click in the Prem though.
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