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  1. Played Azaan bhai Lost both 4-2 4-3
  2. Played Sanwal Won 3-2 Drew 5-5 wp bro. You got me in the second almost.
  3. Played Akhil Won, Rahul 3-1 Akhil Lost, Rahul 1-3 Akhil Wp buddy You gave me my first win. Thank you!!!
  4. Played Sarwaan Lost 4-2 Lost 5-1 Wp bro.
  5. This was a unique Tourney, kudos to Bharat bhai! for the idea. All guyz were such a sport, finishing their matches in time. Looking forward to many more. Congrats @SarwaanM for the win!! You deserved it.
  6. Name : Rahul PSN ID : psychic_ANIMAL Team: Barcelona
  7. Played Sarwaan Lost 2-3 in QF. WP mate.
  8. Add me up please. Name : Rahul Malhotra ID : psychic_ANIMAL
  9. Hey, let me know if you want to play today.
  10. League games after 9.30PM IST today?
  11. Duh, excuses. Anyways, it was fun to play Bharat Bhai.
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