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  1. Give me till 27 of this month Bro already bought the 3gs white also activated o2 just making prep for jailbreak downloaded 3gs firmware,learnt to capture ibess and other certific required..Waiting will paste pics on 28th of the first White iphone 3gs 32gb..Hopefull should be the first


    i got 3gs at launch .. White 16gb

  2. img0033y.jpg




    My purchases in 2 weeks..

    This is how a gamers dressing should be


    Bose companion 5 speakers, Samsung Full hd 23" 2 ms response 50000:1 monitor, Fallout 3, burnout paradise, gears of war 2, FIFA 09, Xbox 360 wireless network adaptor, Iphone 3g-s, XBOX 360 Pro console, Apple protection plan , Gigaware charge kit for xbox 360, Sony cybershot DSC T-90.

  3. congrats bro


    Keep us posted bout the performance via a vis the older iPhone


    SUre man .




    1) Camera has improved alot over the iphone 3g.. But still doesnt work well at dark places..

    2) GPS system is now much better than 3g one .. It gives realtime directions.

    3) Battery life has gone up

    4)i dont no abt iphone 3g's bluetooth connectivity wid pc.. Never tried it.... But 3gs connects to pc


    its lil faster than the 3g

  4. i say it...coz i feel if a game comes out after almost 2 years of it's predecessor it needs to outdo it technically.......don't u think


    but alas...it's not only the black beast anymore...so i don't have much expectations


    Oh common .. have some respect for KOJIMA ... have some respect for METAL GEAR SOLID


    PS3 Did not develop mgs 4 on its own

  5. Thx bro.

    Its the 512 mb Ati 4570. Havent tried any new game with it yet. :giggle:

    I will be getting some new games . Any suggestions? :mellow:


    I have the same..

    Games tested with this laptop


    Let 4 dead :All max.. resolution 1280x720 4xAA

    Devil may cry 4 : Maxed resolution 1024x600

    crysis warhead : high resolution 1024x600

    Call of duty world at war : Maxed resolution 1280x720 2xaa


    Play games connecting it with lcd..

    Ull love it ..


    Always play your game when plugged in or else frame rate drops low and mek sure you set your battery option To HIGH performance before playing any game

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