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  1. Looking for a mid range android phone for the wifey. Budget around 35-40k. Currently considering S20 fe, Nothing 1 and Pixel 6a. Is the pixel 6a good value at 44k?
  2. IKR! I remember spending endless hours playing a Tennis game on the old Symbian os Nokia phones. This game finally scratches that itch. Add me on xbl for some fun vs action.
  3. Played a random matchmade game and it was laggy for me. Hopefully it's better when playing against friends from the same region.
  4. You guys should check out Matchpoint. Its really good! Fairly simple and straightforward control scheme and mechanics that is easy to get into but is a ton of fun to play. The game is a bit bare bones in terms of content but the gameplay more than makes up for it.
  5. Did you make any progress on this? I am looking to upgrade to a nicer router with wifi 6 and other bells and whistles. But before making the jump I want to know how much of a hassle the bridging process is going to be.
  6. Burn in on oled is very overblown. CRT's were also susceptible to burn in but did anyone experience it in the past? Modern oleds come with multiple failsafe mechanisms to prevent burn in. As long as you watch a varied mix of content like a normal person would, burn in is a non issue.
  7. Damn expensive for a piece of plastic lol
  8. Nikushimi


    Hollowseeker with the right mods absolutely slaps. Second best weapon in the game after pylon.
  9. I actually didn't. That's how unintuitive the layout is. I've had the console for about a month now and the gui still feels alien to me. Anyways I'll set the colour to black, thanks.
  10. I wish they would overhaul the xbox gui. It harks back to the awful Windows 8 tile layout and looks clunky and confusing compared to the simple and clean gui of the PS5. I know green is supposed to be xbox colour but dial it back a bit on the gui eh?
  11. TV installations guys will know how to source it. I don't think the stand comes in the box. They bring it separately if you request a table mount.
  12. They hire themselves as unofficial unpaid salesmen. Gotta white knight those poor mega corporations.
  13. Day one ps exclusives would've made it a no brainer upgrade for me. As of now, will wait for forbidden west to drop on the service before I upgrade.
  14. About 2k for the remaining 380 days for me. I'm gonna stick with ps essential for now. I already own or have played all of the big ps games on offer. And the 3rd party catalog isn't nearly as compelling as xbox gpu.
  15. Yes. Better to be safe than sorry. Buy a v guard stabiliser. This is the one that I use. V-Guard Voltino Grand TV Voltage Stabilizer for Upto 203 cm 80" Smart TV, Set Top Box (Black) https://amzn.eu/d/1yT3cvp
  16. Weird, I can see it on console now but only after refreshing the games catalog on the mobile app.
  17. I don't see it on gamepass anywhere
  18. Oblivion is one of my most favorite games ever. I do like open world rpg's but what they showed looked more closer to no man's sky than Mass effect. Its hard to pass judgement from a minute long footage. I might end up loving it. Let's see.
  19. Was really hoping for it to be on gamepass day 1. I hope it's only a minor delay due to the legal formalities of the take over.
  20. Nah, I went in blind. I'm just not a fan of No man's sky like games. I prefer a more tighter and focused approach. I'm happy if what they showed made you and others excited. Variety is always good. But hey, it's free on game pass so I'll give it a try.
  21. Loved the look of a few indie Titles. With all the Riot and blizzard multi-player stuff it looks like I'll be spending more time on my xbox this gen.
  22. I'm sold just with the Riot games stuff, Overwatch, Diablo, Persona and some of the cool indie stuff. Starfield looked meh to me.
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