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  1. Thanks for the reply, I just created a psn id and played fifa 14 online around 20 days ago, I dont have any paid subscription, but I dont know what has happened, i cant see any1 online, further is there any good fifa forum online where I could find people and play, I have arranged fifa 15 and I will have it in a few days. Thanks Rahul
  2. Hi, I have just bought a ps3 and fifa 14 to play online, I have created a psn account and managed to play it once around 25 days back but now whenever I go to play I just cant find any players, I need to go to "online friendlies" right?, further shall I upgrade to fifa 15 or 16 to see more players?, please help me I am a ps3 noob coming from xbox360. Cheers Rahul
  3. Ps3 FIFA 16 available?


  4. hi, wanna trade ps3 games buddy?




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    2. isk


      hey ..can workout on best price..if u buying it...

          1. Mortal Kombat - 500

          2. Wwe 2k15 - 500

          3. NFS Most Wanted  - 500

          4. Uncharted 2 - 500

          5. Farcry 3 - 500                

          6. God Of war - 500

          7.Wwe 2k17 - 1200

          8.Uncharted 3 - 800

          9. Call of duty ghosts - 600

    3. mac_freak


      k .. ll let u know bro

    4. isk
  5. hi, I am selling a ps3 super slim in very good condition with controller/power cable and av cable, please let me know if you are interested.




  6. how much for all the ps3 games ?

  7. mate, I have some ps3 games for exchange, please check my thread.




  8. Hi, I am looking to play single player deathmatch with AI bots, a game that does this is unreal tournament but I am looking for more options in PS3, please help me Thanks Rahul
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