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  1. Don't go for this. You may ask them to match the salary for IT companies like TCS etc around 3.5 lakhs. Ideally, it should be more since there are no fringes. Also, most of these companies actually push their menial back-end jobs here. May not be viable just owing to their brand
  2. If you would dance, my pretty Count, I'll play the tune on my little guitar.. Cyberpunk2077 was my favorite
  3. Vip3r

    Cyberpunk 2077

    DAY 0 PC and the entire week off.
  4. The demographic is not different. The fans grew up. Ascension clearly showed the same formula is tired.
  5. Can Santa Monica make a Berserk game now with the exact same mechanics? I would order day one. What a game.
  6. Vip3r

    FIFA 18

    Have they enabled multiplayer?
  7. Vip3r

    Destiny 2

    Much to like about the game itself. The business practices on the other hand Sent from my Moto G Play using Tapatalk
  8. Vip3r

    Destiny 2

    Really want to like this game. Getting harder and harder by the day
  9. Absolute scam these people are not getting a rupee from me
  10. Vip3r

    FIFA 18

    i was hoping for a FOGUG type of a situation. Just the gentle nudge before he implodes.
  11. Vip3r

    FIFA 18

    Yes tell us what to do with our money.
  12. Vip3r

    FIFA 18

    when you say the following lol at idiots who pay full price for updated squads. in a thread where people are genuinely interested in a game and may have pre-ordered then its not your opinion any more. go contribute in a game thread you enjoy playing.
  13. The UK PSN is same as India PSN only better. Yakuza 0 India- 2750 Yakuza 0 UK - 25 GBP ~ Rs 2100
  14. Vip3r

    Persona 5

    Such a well thought out response. Thanks Joe and others. I have started the game and it looks fantastic.
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