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  1. Absolute bullshit. 1.5 hour of random nonsense followed up by Joel getting killed. I mean from trust jo one bad a*s in 1st game to this. Absolutely makes no sense. These are not the characters we have grown up with. And then finally ellie kills all perpetrator in cruel and horrible ways, stabs a pregnant woman and when it comes to killing the perpetrator she let's her go. That too after sacrificing everything she had to get there. Where to even begin the writing is so so bad. Takes away from the tech staff and their achivement. Its misery porn to have Neil Cuckman have the fanbase eat piles of horsedung. Alright mates let's play golf
  2. Finished it and holy Hell. What a game, what an engine
  3. Hi Athek - did it work ? I have nord VPN sub and wanted to use it to get access to the Netflix US/Japan content. Seems that there is no native app for that on LG. Would you mind sharing your VPN provider ? Also is it a DNS based VPN ?
  4. Great - this was good to hear. My friends basically had told me essentially detach the blades and put it in the checking while we have the actual drone in the carry on. But seeing that you have retained packaging as well I now want to buy it in Frankfurt on my way to Iceland :-)
  5. Hey Athek. I wanted to know how did you get the drone in India. I am interested in getting one of these for an upcoming trip. Congrats on the purchase. The Xbox One X is a beast. But you knew that :-)
  6. Don't go for this. You may ask them to match the salary for IT companies like TCS etc around 3.5 lakhs. Ideally, it should be more since there are no fringes. Also, most of these companies actually push their menial back-end jobs here. May not be viable just owing to their brand
  7. If you would dance, my pretty Count, I'll play the tune on my little guitar.. Cyberpunk2077 was my favorite
  8. Vip3r

    Cyberpunk 2077

    DAY 0 PC and the entire week off.
  9. Vip3r

    God of War

    The demographic is not different. The fans grew up. Ascension clearly showed the same formula is tired.
  10. Vip3r

    God of War

    Can Santa Monica make a Berserk game now with the exact same mechanics? I would order day one. What a game.
  11. Vip3r

    FIFA 18

    Have they enabled multiplayer?
  12. Vip3r

    Destiny 2

    Much to like about the game itself. The business practices on the other hand Sent from my Moto G Play using Tapatalk
  13. Vip3r

    Destiny 2

    Really want to like this game. Getting harder and harder by the day
  14. Absolute scam these people are not getting a rupee from me
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