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  1. Ryan Gosling is "Wolfman". https://variety.com/2020/film/news/ryan-gosling-wolfman-movie-universal-1203426491/
  2. Lol, now who is asking for a directors cut of Fantastic Four. https://in.ign.com/movie/147799/news/fantastic-four-director-josh-trank-has-no-interest-in-a-trank-cut
  3. Maximus


    Thai massage shops may reopen soon, from the waist down only. https://thethaiger.com/coronavirus/thai-massage-shops-may-reopen-soon-from-the-waist-down-only
  4. Bitrates up on Prime Video, thanks to Paatal Lok I guess.
  5. Loved the movie, so no chance this can be any good.
  6. 29th May Netflix Indians zombie horror series, same director as ghoul.
  7. Lol, your "we" made my point. If criticism of certain actions by the government are considered haters then majority of USA are haters and you guys have been haters a lot more since the current ruling party have been in power for a much lesser time. I suggest we get back to the topic, as neither of us will be able to change our mindsets. At least I added a joke with my comment.
  8. Think they are already here, just look at the coronavirus thread there is a "Heil Modi" remark every page or two, even moderation is biased. Sticking to the jokes, hundreds of guys canceled the same seats of the same show when Deepika supported a protest.
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