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  1. Hey guys, just booked tickets to Phuket, Krabi and Phi Phi and traveling tonight. Please help with the "not to be missed" list of activities or tourist spots. It will be great help as have done no research on this.
  2. The main guy apparently has a double role, one is a football coach, the other a goon.
  3. Joker is at IMDb no. 9 best movie of all time right now.
  4. "PlayStation Plus members – we have a really big month for the October monthly PS4 games lineup to keep you entertained this fall. As announced on State of Play, we’re including two major blockbuster hits from Worldwide Studios with The Last of Us Remastered and MLB The Show 19."
  5. "Beginning today until September 30, you can play Battle for Neighborville early as part of the $30 Founder’s Edition. This will initially include a small slice of the game with more content coming each week in the lead up to the full launch on October 18, after which the price will increase to $40. Those who purchase the Founder’s Edition will gain access to the standard version of the game at launch, and will also get some exclusive rewards during the early access period." Interesting, official launch on 18th Oct and it's a digital only game. 2497 (2247 with EA access) on Indian playstation store.
  6. Sorry, got it mixed up. Yes, was talking about WH over ear ones.
  7. Cool, been using them for almost a year. Have annoyed quite a few air hostesses during this time, really hoping they announce the xm4's next week
  8. I meant almost all the major and supporting characters.
  9. So, Shahid Khan and Sartaj Singh were what, cousins? Edit: why leave the series on such a cliff hanger, don't see a season 3 happening with everyone dead and Nawaz's arc closed.
  10. Sacred Games 2 new release time is 12am IST on August 15 Netflix originals usually release at 12am PDT (12:30pm IST) Midnight IST release brings Netflix in line with Prime Video
  11. Been reading that this will be marketed as a GaaS title. A bit apprehensive for that.
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