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  1. Goosebumps. When Snake came on the screen ❤️
  2. Was waiting for 60FPS. Will dive into this now
  3. Insane month! Was planning to buy HFW and Quarry both for some time. Now getting both
  4. I saw this during my usual walk along Thames and was like WTF Is it Kratos' axe or am I imagining things. Then saw a Sony PS5 van nearby which confirmed my understanding Made for a very nice instagram story
  5. Just picked up a new PS5 Dualsense CAMO controller Black friday sale had it for £39 only!!
  6. 12 hours in. Enjoying every part of the map. Every exploration and stories I can hear. Don't wish to rush the main story. Playing the game it is meant to be The prophecies are true. You should spend 50+ hours to gain the true fruit of AAA GAME.
  7. Isse acha BC God of War Ragnarok hi khel leta 3 ghante
  8. Totally loving the game so far. They have carried over the fun dialogues of the 2 dwarves from the first game. Fun banter is always good in a game like this. I think the game has better graphics than the first one. But maybe its just me as I'm playing this one on OLED while the 2018 one was on a samsung.
  9. Preferring the performance mode + hfr + vrr for now. Graphic mode looks better no doubt but higher fps just feels smoother and natural.
  10. 3.5 hours to go for me Please don't spoil the fun people. A known thing to you could be a spoiler for others. Enjoy the game, share the excitement and thrash the sh*t out of puny gods
  11. HYPED! I have such fond memories of playing Silent Hill late night on PS2 when I was around 10 (without parents knowing) and my brother helping me solve the puzzles haha! Will be a nostalgic ride for me!
  12. Started with my Resident Evil marathon - RE2, RE3, Biohazard and then Village (in 3rd person). This RE2 remake's atmosphere is so good! Playing late night with 5.1 speakers and it causes goosebumps. Some really good puzzles as well - while some are frustrating as they involve a lot of travelling. But overall - LOVE THE GAME. Done with Leon. Will start with Claire's playthrough tonight.
  13. funjabi


    Same. Downloaded, started playing, played for an hour or so. Uninstalled. Not a game for me. Started Resident evil series again. I know it's apples & oranges - but engagement wise - RE seems more interesting even on 2nd playthrough.
  14. Yes. Use that as primary and your main account to get progress/trophies etc. BTW Its Turkey bro. Turkey's currency tanked this year. Hence - even games are way cheap there. Got Resident evil 2+3 for like 550 INR ? Witcher 3 GOTY for 200, ME legendary edition for 1200 and Sniper Elite 5 for around 1450.
  15. No. That's too expensive - specially in the UK. A colleague of mine created an account in a different country (hint: cheapest PSN market) and loaded 5 years of PS Deluxe. It is not a very easy process due to credit card restrictions, address checks and all. Taking into account the conversion rates - it cost me like 11K INR for 5 years. I am not aware of the nitty gritty details and also not sure if I can share here
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