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  1. Thanks bro but are you sure you want to do that? This will be my first play through and given the game length - might need around 4 weeks to complete and enjoy it.
  2. About to finish TLOU 1. Once we have clarity on available copies - @rushaboswalis next in line and then I can take it. Heard the game leaves you mesmerized and shocked at the same time. Hope the experience is worth it ๐Ÿ™ˆ No spoilers.
  3. funjabi

    Days Gone

    I never even once in my 50+ hours spent in this game felt that I should just quit this game and move on. Yes - this has pacing issues at start and feels stretched at some parts later on. But the story and an open world of zombie/marauders concept with dash of hordes is fun & refreshing. P.S I might offend a few people here - but i am playing The last of Us remastered (already played on PS3) and I am feeling like quitting it and just watching youtube videos before starting TLOU2. Maybe because the gameplay is now dated? I remember I enjoyed it originally in my college days
  4. Started The Last of us remastered. Played it on PS3 before. Shame that there is no 60fps 4k mode. Either 60fps 1800p or 30fps 4K. 30fps after playing god of war and days gone is making my head spin ๐Ÿ˜… Good that they released a 4k 60fps patch for the sequel. Not sure if anyone would prefer 30fps with better resolution over stable 60fps with slightly less resolution. Maybe I am different in thinking so but 30 fps was actually making me dizzy.
  5. funjabi

    Days Gone

    I tried..tried and tried and finally did it. It's so random - did the same thing 50 times and it unlocked trophy one time ๐Ÿ™„ Read somewhere that half acceleration, turn Left stick - tap drift button and then press and hold nitro does it. It worked that way but required a lot of tries.
  6. funjabi

    Days Gone

    Completed the game. Finished off all hordes. Finished all parallel storyline too. Not the greatest - but yeah one of the most memorable game due to the story and hordes. The secret ending sets it beautifully for a sequel which most likely we won't get Last thing between me and a platinum is the stupid burnout apocalypse trophy. Tried a lot - can't get the nitro and drift for 5 seconds. I feel like I do but trophy doesn't unlock. Any tips?
  7. Hey wonderful people - I would like to be next in line for this. About to start the first part - so no hurries - enjoy the game whoever has it. Have kept myself away from spoilers for so long - So planning to finally go for this game after the 60fps patch. PS I'm from Delhi too. The other copy works too. Can use WeFast.
  8. I have q800 (got them for less price than a q600 due to price error). While wired with DS - the DS doesn't last me even a 3 hour gaming session. Hence I always use wireless. The sound is better for songs/movies while wired but not that much. Always prefer comfort of wireless over that. I second the thought. I miss my Xbox one s controllers powered by Duracell. Those lasted me 12 hours easily even with headphone connected to them.
  9. Thanks. Unfortunately no deliveries from Amazon to Delhi. Will have to wait
  10. +1. Have a JBL 800 and tested it extensively on Dayz Gone. Amazing clarity and directional sense in audio. Gets scary at times when zombies pop out from nowhere Don't use ANC much except when I need to keep volume low while watching netflix and don't want to hear my loud fan in the background.
  11. Yeh toh theek hai - but any other alternative to the official charging dock?
  12. funjabi

    Days Gone

    The game is too effin long for it's own downfall. I am literally tired of going on runs for camps - similar missions - Ride Bike , kill Freakers or Marauders, do scanning, retrieve items REPEAT. Planning & executing proper killing of a single large horde takes 2 hours easily if I include time spent to scavenge materials but it is fun. I hope now that the game ends soon so I can start some other game. I can see why this game wasn't as successful as it should have been. Story is top class, characters are good but it feels too stretched and has boring/repetitive phases in between.
  13. Do you actually feel any advantage after putting on this cover? Like in handling or grip or cleanliness? Don't get me wrong please - not trying to question your purchase. In past I have had bad experiences with any such device covers - they result in leaving a mark on device - leaving dirt marks over the exposed area specially near ports making your device look worse. Just want to know your experience.
  14. funjabi

    Days Gone

    No man. The game doesn't even reward stealth apart from not having to spend any ammo or melee. Some missions are stealth only and they are okay. Gameplay is not the reason you'll want to play this game. It's the story and the hordes. Also maybe the peace you get for riding a bike through scenic beauty. P.S got the Death stranding baby fuel tank. This monster lasts 5 times my previous tanker and looks sexy too.
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