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  1. Goosebumps. When Snake came on the screen ❤️
  2. Was waiting for 60FPS. Will dive into this now
  3. Insane month! Was planning to buy HFW and Quarry both for some time. Now getting both
  4. I saw this during my usual walk along Thames and was like WTF Is it Kratos' axe or am I imagining things. Then saw a Sony PS5 van nearby which confirmed my understanding Made for a very nice instagram story
  5. Just picked up a new PS5 Dualsense CAMO controller Black friday sale had it for £39 only!!
  6. 12 hours in. Enjoying every part of the map. Every exploration and stories I can hear. Don't wish to rush the main story. Playing the game it is meant to be The prophecies are true. You should spend 50+ hours to gain the true fruit of AAA GAME.
  7. Isse acha BC God of War Ragnarok hi khel leta 3 ghante
  8. Totally loving the game so far. They have carried over the fun dialogues of the 2 dwarves from the first game. Fun banter is always good in a game like this. I think the game has better graphics than the first one. But maybe its just me as I'm playing this one on OLED while the 2018 one was on a samsung.
  9. Preferring the performance mode + hfr + vrr for now. Graphic mode looks better no doubt but higher fps just feels smoother and natural.
  10. 3.5 hours to go for me Please don't spoil the fun people. A known thing to you could be a spoiler for others. Enjoy the game, share the excitement and thrash the sh*t out of puny gods
  11. HYPED! I have such fond memories of playing Silent Hill late night on PS2 when I was around 10 (without parents knowing) and my brother helping me solve the puzzles haha! Will be a nostalgic ride for me!
  12. Started with my Resident Evil marathon - RE2, RE3, Biohazard and then Village (in 3rd person). This RE2 remake's atmosphere is so good! Playing late night with 5.1 speakers and it causes goosebumps. Some really good puzzles as well - while some are frustrating as they involve a lot of travelling. But overall - LOVE THE GAME. Done with Leon. Will start with Claire's playthrough tonight.
  13. funjabi


    Same. Downloaded, started playing, played for an hour or so. Uninstalled. Not a game for me. Started Resident evil series again. I know it's apples & oranges - but engagement wise - RE seems more interesting even on 2nd playthrough.
  14. Yes. Use that as primary and your main account to get progress/trophies etc. BTW Its Turkey bro. Turkey's currency tanked this year. Hence - even games are way cheap there. Got Resident evil 2+3 for like 550 INR ? Witcher 3 GOTY for 200, ME legendary edition for 1200 and Sniper Elite 5 for around 1450.
  15. No. That's too expensive - specially in the UK. A colleague of mine created an account in a different country (hint: cheapest PSN market) and loaded 5 years of PS Deluxe. It is not a very easy process due to credit card restrictions, address checks and all. Taking into account the conversion rates - it cost me like 11K INR for 5 years. I am not aware of the nitty gritty details and also not sure if I can share here
  16. Going by recent observations - I'll get around 40£ (INR 3700) for it. Good deal overall?
  17. Confused whether to get it digitally from India PS store for 4999 or get disc edition in UK for 65£ (around 6000 INR) with promised Day 1 delivery Not sure if I can find buyers for second hand copy (in London) when I am done with the disc edition. Worst case - can sell in India once I visit. Suggestions?
  18. I agree. 70$ is way too much. But if I was someone who hasn't played the game - 70$ is a fair price for a AAA game. It is common for developers to focus on first time audience in the beginning, and then go for sales/offers to keep the 'replay' fans happy. It is a 'business' after all and not a people pleasing charity. As a fan, honestly - I am disappointed too. But I can't have the world. If I need something cheaper - I will need to have the patience to wait for the price cut
  19. Is this a great game? - Yes! Does this improve on the original? - Yes! Is this the best version till date for new & old fans to play? - Yes! Would this be a super hit game if it wasn't a remake but a PS5 original? - Yes! Is it worth the money if you've never played this game - Yes! Is it worth the money if you've played it earlier - Maybe? Depends person to person. Do I want to play it again? - Yes! Would I buy it? - No. I will wait for it to be on sale or on ps plus extra. Would I hate ND or the game for this? - Hell No! They have only improved on the masterpiece and maybe inspired more newer players to check this out given this is 'next-gen'. I don't get the hate and slag this game and the developers are getting
  20. Got in the sale week when things were at their cheapest. This LG C1 cost £849 (roughly 82K rupees). The Q700A were £280 (27K rupees as it was an open box piece) and the additional surround speakers were 199£ (19.5K rupees).
  21. Got new LG C1 with Samsung Q700A soundbar and additional surround speakers 9500s (not visible in image) The OLED hype was real ?
  22. Thanks bro. Got it without the heatsink. Bought a heatsink separately - as the model with heatsink attached was like 18£ more while 4 sets of heatsinks cost like 6£. Can't wait for the living room setup (tv, surround speakers, nvidia shield pro and the PS5) to restart my gaming now
  23. Looking to get an SSD extension for my PS5. Anyone having experience with using either the WD SN850 or the Samsung 980 pro? Both look identical in all reviews I've seen so far. Getting them with heatsink for under a 100£.
  24. I was at the game. Kohli was doing bhangra while fielding at the boundary with the dhol playing in the crowd. Never looked like he is worried about the form. The crowd loved him - but not sure if he deserves to be in the team on merit it not!
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