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  1. Thank you bro! I am in London for foreseeable future. Will just do a quick comparison over the weekend if UK PS Premium is better or India's PS Deluxe. Will buy accordingly.
  2. Is there a time limit till when this upgrade from Essential to Extra/Deluxe is allowed? I have 1.5 years left on my PS PLUS but busy with life these days. So can I save some money and upgrade like after a month?
  3. This was like my *Whistle* moment as it brought back that BRUTAL Kratos image. The game all this while had that fatherly mature Kratos and this scene gave me flashbacks of my PS2/PS3 days where the older games gave me so many good memories!!
  4. Shipped to @djdgr8and tracking details shared. Probably my last game from the library as I'm moving out of India. Great to see the library growing and next gen games being added ⭐️⭐️
  5. Congrats to the winners! Great to see both Champions League & Europa winners were from my group haha! Will look forward to future tourneys hoping to rise up to the UCL challenge
  6. Hey guys - I still have this game with me but I will be moving out of India soon. So if no one else wants it - I'll ship it back to @fatpigeonby next week. Thanks!
  7. Name: Rishabh Sethi PSN: TheRealFunjabi Team: Liverpool
  8. Done with the game. What a flarking gem of an entertainer. Amazing! Can ship soon to whoever is next and wants to have it.
  9. How can someone no longer be a 'Founder'? Are they like discrediting him from it? They won't be able to change the fact that he 'co-founded' Bharat pe.
  10. Yeah man. Monthly is still okay but this daily cap is a dick move from HDFC. Most of my purchases are high value ones and not that frequent. This type of usage totally negates benefits of infinia. My dad's infinia is LTF else there is no value anymore to pay 12,500 plus taxes for this card (unless your expenditure is on very high side and can result in waiver of fees). They have stopped giving free infinia cards anymore.
  11. I am no HDFC card expert as I only manage my father's Infinia card as he finds it too confusing. I have got an Infinia add-on card for myself this month for my unlimited lounge access So, based on my knowledge so far - I will summarize my observations: 1) No, they didn't send any memo. But, I used my father's card for buying some vouchers from Smartbuy (3X rewards) and he got a message in 2-3 days that the reward points have been credited (used to get this credit after 90 days). 2) You will get 1333 normal points + 1333*4 bonus points (5X is total rewards and includes 1X of normal rewards). However, the cap is applicable only for the bonus points (4X) and not on normal points.
  12. Used to be 90 days but from Feb '22 - they are being credited in 3 days of settlement along with regular points
  13. Received today. Will try it out later tonight. Thanks bro! Good packaging
  14. Even though I am not interested in this particular game - but would go ahead and say it on behalf of fellow IVG members too: "Ek hi dil hai bhai - kitni baar jeetoge?" (have only one heart. How many times will you win it?)
  15. This is correct. The only possible advantage which a smallcase might have is that it might rebalance to maintain ratio of Nifty 50 and Nifty Next depending on market conditions. But again, useless coz it's quarterly and doesn't really impact that significantly.
  16. Headaches could be a subjective thing & vary from person to person. I feel nauseated whenever I play 30FPS games after getting used to 60FPS. I felt this in Spiderman, Control, Uncharted 4, GOW etc. Maybe, it is just a problem with me and I should see a doctor but this is what I feel. 60FPS just feels natural to me now. Better graphics is good to have if you intend to stand in one place and admire the beauty of the game or want to use photo mode. When immersed in the game - my personal opinion is that 60FPS vs 30FPS is a much much greater deal than seeing better lightings, shadows, water wave effects (all of which I honestly don't notice naturally unless I pause and focus).
  17. funjabi

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I know CDPR should have released a fully working game in the first place. But, I guess 1499 would be a fair price to ask after all the recent efforts they have put it. PS Plus maybe end of year. As a gamer, I'd love it to come to PS Plus in next couple of months. As a product manager, I'd hope to get some sort of money for all the hard work the team has done in recent months. sh*t happens in product development sometimes. IF - they have messed up again and even this release is borderline unplayable - I'd be the first to ask for 2X refund for the pain caused to gamers
  18. Thanks man for tagging. @Snake Will PM you my address shortly. Thanks!
  19. Did I break the record for IVG? Long story short - 18th December's courier was lost. What followed was - 1.5 months of investigation around how was it lost & who's fault was it. And finally - the seller decided to resend. Investigation still open as to who's fault was it - seller, courier or mine (who ordered a gift from a relatively unknown website )
  20. I tried doing some lumpsum investmeny yesterday through Kuvera. Money got deducted but it showed pending I hope it gets sorted before 2pm tomorrow. Else - it will all be waste.
  21. Oh no. Hope all of you feel better soon. Wishing a speedy recovery bro.
  22. My father has lifetime free Infinia. His account is 10+ years old but amount has never crossed a couple of lakhs. He never uses that card - I don't think spending crosses 10k a year. No loans or FDs or anything too. They also give Infinia if you're their Imperia customer. Though not lifetime free. So IMO - either you have a very long relationship with them or have shown high spends or have 10 lakhs plus of savings - you will get it.
  23. Congrats. They are not offering it as Lifetime free though right? I got an option to get it too but 12,500 plus 18% GST per year is too much for me. 10 lakhs plus annual spend for fee waver is also out of my reach.
  24. I just checked and I have 28 mutual funds too Although - most don't have any significant amount which I invested when I was straight out of college and had no clue. There are 11-12 active ones spread across ELSS, index, large-medium-small caps, NASDAQ, debt, flexi & value funds. Time for clean-up later this year maybe.
  25. Achieved Platinum on the director's cut on PS5. The extra PS5 bells and whistles are decent but not game changing. However, I was blown away as soon as I started the IKI expansion. The implementation of ps5 features is much more enhanced and better than the rest of the game. My favorite is when you hear some of the screams, shouts and dialogues from the controller during cut scenes. Overall, I'd suggest to get the directors cut and play without headphones to enjoy the controller audio as well.
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