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  1. What difficulty are you guys playing on? Started on Hard. Switched back to Normal after getting my a*s kicked during the E3 mission (rescuing the naked lady).


    The game is so dense and throws so much stuff at you, it's a bit overwhelming. But it has such a strong style and vibe, I love it! Played a few hours on PC. No major bugs. Runs decently on my mid-range rig.

  2. 3 minutes ago, PhantomShade said:


    Lift the dabba to wherever your TV is and play :punk:

    I say this unironically.



    Might end up doing that. Although one benefit of getting in on PC is that I have my work computer setup right next to the gaming PC on my desk. So might be able to sneak in some CP sessions during work hours too :naughty:  

  3. I have a PS4 pro and was planning on getting it for that hoping I'll have a PS5 by now so that I can run it in back compat. Have given up hope for a PS5 until sometime next year. 


    So PC it is. Had built a PC earlier this year for Half Life Alyx. Should be able to run CP with medium/high settings. Only bummer will playing it on a monitor vs by 55" 4k HDR TV.

  4. 23 hours ago, ayush12ice said:

    I was thinking of buying Bully on the PS4 just for the lolz... Haha!!



    @Gautam Please give us some insider hints for GTA6...  :fear:


    Apparently they want to reduce the dev time on GTA 6 so they are planning to release it in episodic form. Kinda like Hitman. 


    This is to address complaints about RDR2 being too long. So there will be a shorter main story with lots of single player DLC. 

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  5. As a consumer of all kinds of products, I feel game dev crunch is literally the least offensive form of "oppression". These are white collar people in white collar jobs often with multiple options for where they want to work. As opposed to the folks who work factories to assemble your phones and computers or the ones that work in sweatshops to make your clothes or literally any other industry.


    Instead of twitter outrage, the best way to combat this kind of exploitation is to moderate your consumption across all products. You don't need to buy a phone every couple of years nor buy clothes so often and yes, nor do you have to buy every AAA game.

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  6. Good point. But a diversity of games and types of games will be key. Apparently there were people who just used to watch Friends on Netflix over and over again. But Netflix continues to spend more on original content every year than the previous. Microsoft will have to do the same. This model has never been done for games so I don't know if this works out in the long run. But it's great to see Microsoft put real dollars behind this strategy. If it works, there's a good chance, Xcloud comes to Playstation.

  7. 4 hours ago, HundredProofSam said:

    They built Xbox on the strengths of outside studios. Look at games like Bioshock 1, Mass Effect. These were Xbox 360 system sellers. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, after investing in first part is when the downward trend in first party games started.


    If Game Pass is their long term strategy, they would have been much better off using that $7.5 billion on timed exclusivity the way Sony and Epic Games do. They would get bragging rights on a lot more games.


    They are following the Netflix playbook. The only way Game Pass works and is profitable in the long term is if they have mostly original content. I'm sure they're losing money on all third party content paying rent to the developers. If you actually think of Game Pass as Netflix for games from a business model perspective, the acquisition makes total sense.


    Xbox consoles are like reference TVs recommended by Netflix to view their content. Game Pass with a bunch of original and exclusive content is the endgame.

  8. I do remember the April Fool's joke about IVG selling off. That was epic! And it resulted in some epic meltdowns lol


    I joined the 360indians back in 2006. I came across the forum while trying to find a way to buy a grey market modded 360 because it hadnt launched yet. 


    I think the forum was created because Sam or some other guys were banned from the official Xbox forums. 



  9. 4 hours ago, CarbonCore said:


    The thing about gameplay is that it very much depends upon difficulty. On hard and Survivor, the game very much feels like TLoU1. But if you lower it to light or very light, it straight up plays like UC4. That video had dude playing with auto aim turned on, which is only available in Light and Very Light. This is what I said back then..



    And it turned out to be true.


    Completely agree.


    I really didn't enjoy UC4 gameplay that much. Enemies were bullet sponges and the level design was not that great. There were only 2-3 scenarios where they tried to create wide arenas but it didn't really work with the gameplay. Stealth was clunky and the moment you went loud you would enter the run and gun loop which is not that franchise's strength.


    I really enjoyed TLOU1 gameplay on Survivor (which should've been the default) and on harder difficulties and the gameplay really worked with the wider level design and this game is that same experience but on steroids. I love love! how open the combat arenas are and how much freedom they give you. The combat is tense, full of consequences and a lot of fun. Add the resource management on top of it and it becomes so satisfying.


    I've been playing on Hard and end up killing all enemies before checking for supplies and story notes. The loop I follow is -

    - Prepare and craft stealth items (silencer and arrows)

    - Start with stealth to whittle down enemy numbers. This includes molotovs and trap mines.

    - Go loud with rifle/shotgun/revolver to finish off the remaining

    - Scavenge for supplies before moving on

    The level design allows for f**k ups if you get spotted. The prone and sliding through narrow gap mechanics really help with reentering stealth. 


    But this also means that it takes a lot of time to progress through the game. Have played 20 hours or so and have only reached end of Seattle Day 2. But I'm loving it!


    I understand ND wanting the game to be accessible, but they're doing a disservice to their gameplay by not recommending that people try the harder difficulties first. I felt the same way about TLOU1. If you're not liking the story and are playing on an easier difficulty, I can imagine that this game would be a chore to play.


  10. 32 minutes ago, CarbonCore said:

    People finally understanding all the 4chan golf club memes that we've suffered for a month :lol: 



    But didn't it become obvious soon after the game started? One, Ellie is not that close to Dina to make her go psycho "I'll kill them all". Two, as soon as Abby is introduced she talks about going after a guy. It was still perfectly executed by ND and gave the right chills. What I find really funny is that people had guessed this was going to happen right after that first reveal trailer (With Ellie playing the guitar and Joel's ghostly figure walking through the door), and then ND spent the next 4 years trying hard to throw people off of this plot point that gets revealed literally in the first couple of hours.


  11. 3 hours ago, Joe Cool said:

    Oh and HDR is great. The lighting is fantastic.


    The screenshots taken (non-HDR) looks so bad compared to how the game actually looks. :lol:






    Wait till you get to Seattle. It surpasses RDR2. The foliage and lighting is glorious, especially in HDR

  12. 23 minutes ago, KnackChap said:

    Saw the ign first 14 mins video on YT, now the recommended list is showing me the game’s ending. 


    Watch all youtube videos in incognito mode. Go and delete any recent last of us videos from your history

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  13. 23 hours ago, radicaldude said:


    @Gautam Missed your post . That's an epic build. I hope you have got your hands on your occulus by now. Do share the experience :D


    Also, I am wondering, has anyone from the forum, who is in India at the moment, played the game?


    Yes. Build is complete. Got the Oculus Quest and been playing Alyx for the last week or so. It's so awesome to be back in the Half Life universe. The amount of interactivity in the game is insane. Really enjoying it. Also, the story is quite interesting and it seems to directly tie back to the events of HL2 and the episodes.

  14. 11 hours ago, Joe Cool said:


    I don't know how people playing D2 on PS4. The loading times are insane. Even loading character and swapping weapons takes forever...


    One of the friends has an iMac. So PS4 was the common platform. We tried GeForce Now but it was not a great experience. Stadia is surprisingly streamlined. 


    I think the tech works and is well designed. They need to rethink the business model though.

  15. PC components are around $800. Quest for $399. Already had a monitor, keyboard and mouse.


    Yes. Index is quite expensive and also completely out of stock. Also, the PC requirements for the index are higher because of the higher refresh rate. So to get the most out of the index you need to spend more on the PC as well.


    The choice was between Quest and Rift S. Went for the Quest because the experience with Oculus link is very similar to the Rift S and you have a whole bunch of other benefits with it being wireless.

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