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  1. Watched Dunkirk in IMAX. Was completely blown away. The best movie I've watched this year after John Wick 2.
  2. Anyone tried Superhot on PSVR? It's frickin' incredible! The first proper game I've played on PSVR. It's slick as hell and also is a real game with skills that you need to learn to get better. The bullet dodging never gets old and you really need to physically move to beat levels. Anyone with the VR headset should give it a shot. It's amazing
  3. You need help. It's not a joke or an attack. But there's a very clear pattern of victimization in your posts. Maybe you've had a pretty tough life but you're not going to get any answers or resolutions here. You've been trying to force discussions nobody is interested in having in this forum. Instead of blaming people or trying to 'enlighten' them, you should seek to talk to friends in real life or even seek professional help.
  4. Would've added to your credibility if you'd skipped the movie like you said you would. But of course you did exactly what I predicted. I guess you didn't get your fill of venting the first time around. Hopefully the troll sized hole in your heart is filled now.
  5. How old are you? I was the same, but my resting metabolism started slowing down once I hit 30. Now I need to keep active or I start putting on weight.
  6. The movie is 98% on RT but you sought and found the few negative reviews to validate your pre-existing opinion? I'm sure you'll spend money to watch it and criticize it again to prove how right you were the first time.
  7. War for Planet was amazing. Yes, the second act is a bit slow but overall I loved it. It also ties back to the original 1960s movie very nicely. Even the climactic battle was very unexpected in a good way.
  8. POTA will do just fine. The reviews are spectacular and people still have a lot of goodwill carrying on from the last movie. I know many friends who've skipped Spider-man (so have I) but are excited for POTA
  9. Keep at least 4-5 days for Rome. It's an absolutely incredible city. Everywhere you look you see buildings that are thousands of years old. Sign up for this free bike tour for one of the days (https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Attraction_Review-g187791-d7061957-Reviews-Free_Bike_Tours_Rome-Rome_Lazio.html). These guys are awesome You should also check out the Amalfi coast. Gorgeous views and beaches. Avoid Venice unless you really want to go. It's full of tourists and very dirty
  10. I took the bait didn't I. My bad. I'll go back to sipping this liberal kool-aid while turning my back on my country. I like my reality more than yours. There's less doom and gloom and more hope here. You're welcome to visit, but you might be turned off by the lack of victimizing.
  11. Silicon Valley liberals are responsible for the unsustainable outsourcing Indian IT outsourcing bubble? That is such an a*s-backwards reasoning like most of your arguments, where you blame someone else for your own problems. Also, your argument shows a severe lack of knowledge about the issue. Silicon Valley hires a fraction (a fraction!) of H1B visa holders from India. Most of these jobs are held by employees working in the IT departments of large non-tech companies. In banking, in manufacturing, in telecom etc. Not everything is a plot by extremist liberals to screw people over. But that is clearly your filter on the world so that's how you perceive every problem. Very convenient. Pranab Mukherjee is exactly right. IT outsourcing was great and provided many young Indians opportunities (that didn't exist before) to mainline into the Indian middle-class. But it clearly wasn't going to last for ever. And there should have been investments made in education, in training, in product development that would mitigate that risk. It's still not to late. But of course you have the option to change nothing and instead blame the extremist liberals in silicon valley to save these jobs that are our god-give right.
  12. Gautam

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Post launch support for Horizon has been phenomenal. Also the game itself launched in a much better shape compared to Witcher and Fallout. Both of these had serious performance issues on consoles, which makes the comparison that much more idiotic.
  13. Donate $5 to charity then
  14. $20 for the base game is a decent price. It's a pretty good game with some awful sections. Also the game is a stunner on the PS4.
  15. I've taken down a few guardians with guardian arrows. It's a one hit kill. But the arrows are extremely rare. Have had only 4 for a while now
  16. The crazy sh*t you can do in this game. People are still discovering new cool stuff
  17. Got the DLC. Damn. The hero's path shows you your exact path from the beginning of the game.. Including all your deaths. You can play it backwards and forwards. There are huge areas that I haven't even touched. This is another brilliant tool to encourage you to explore the map.
  18. Try using Urbosa's fury if you've done the divine beast. Does massive electric/shock damage.
  19. Incredible reviews for War for the Planet of the Apes. There's Oscar talk and many reviewers calling it the best trilogy of the decade.
  20. I experienced this as well. That's because while in bed you're raising your hands to prop up the switch which is a very unnatural position for your hands to be in. All the blood flows down. Try holding your hands up like that without holding the switch and they'll still become numb. The solution I found is prop the switch on your chest/belly and hold the joycons in your hands by your side.
  21. First thing I did in Zelda was changed the jump button. Got used to the joy con grip quite easily. I find the portable mode quite cramped. Right thumb starts hurting after a while.
  22. Watched Wonder woman over the weekend. I don't get the hype. It was an OK movie. I enjoyed the first half but really didn't like the ending. The whole thing with Ares was so stupid.
  23. Which games are confirmed for 2017?
  24. Half of these 2018 games are going to get delayed
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