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  1. Which moron is handling the camera? Keeps showing the stage instead of fullscreen gameplay
  2. What $60 exclusives have come to PCs recently or are coming in the near future? The economics for that don't make sense for PC gaming. But they absolutely do in the console space. The genres and franchises you're talking about are better suited to PCs than consoles. These are different markets with some overlap (And in this overlap is where we all fight). His point about importance of exclusives in the current console environment makes sense. This is not a discussion about what constitutes a good game or a good exclusive. You will not see a AAA big budget game being developed exclusively for the PC. But you see it over and over again in the console space because it's a mutually beneficial partnership for the developer as well as the console manufacturer.
  3. Nope. Nowhere is it mentioned these are all native 4k. In fact, guaranteed more than half of these would use Microsoft's version of checkerboarding. Exciting to see Witcher 3 on the list. CDPR has confirmed they're working on a PS4 pro patch as well. Will jump back and complete Blood and Wine once the patch is out.
  4. Exactly. Why spend billions in making hardware when you can sit pretty and make 30% from everyone else? Except that being Microsoft they realized this ten years too late. And in attempting to make this pivot they risk losing on both sides. On the brighter side, if they succeed, maybe Valve will stick its thumb out of its butt and make Half Life 3
  5. Microsoft is desperately trying to make Windows 10 a closed platform for PC gaming, very much like iOS. It makes sense actually. Almost all PC gaming happens on Windows and Microsoft has let Valve make all the money on Microsoft's platform for over a decade. In today's world of closed ecosystems, it's unthinkable. Kudos to Valve for having the foresight to own the PC gaming platform, but I think this is Microsoft's end-game. They want to get out of the hardware game. It's expensive and risky and they can't compete with Sony at their turf. Especially without console exclusives. The last two E3s have been this delicate dance of creating synergies between Xbox and Windows. Even this E3, PC gamers received the presentation much better than Xbox fans
  6. I don't see how they come back from this. They make even the questionable Sony decisions look good. People who wondered if a $399 PS4 pro was worth it for 4k gaming will now look at this $499 box with no clear differentiation and worse games and end up picking the PS4 pro. Xbox One X actually makes the PS4 pro look better than it did! It's 2013 all over again. $499 vs $399. What's worse is that MS knew exactly what they were going up against and still f**ked up. It's all over now.
  7. Sea of Thieves looks a lot of fun. But not sure how much of it is just scripted for the presentation.
  8. 4k Minecraft! System seller. Console war over. Go home
  9. The only stunning game shown so far was Metro. And it's coming to all platforms
  10. I think Zodak posts get rejected if they don't have "native 4k" in them
  11. Porsche be like "Bitch did you compare our car to a game console??"
  12. Bringing a supercar on stage. Such a microsoft thing to do
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