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  1. refresh the page. should read "registration confirmed" once you have successfully logged in.
  2. Ubisoft are giving Watch Dogs 2 to those who missed it during their livestream for free During the livestream Ubisoft tweeted, via their support account, "We'll be giving out the rewards to all of you, even if you were unable to log in successfully." And now they're making good on the promise. All you have to do is go to this web page and log in with your Ubisoft account to collect your hacker game as well as a bundle of in-game rewards for various other Ubisoft games. Watch Dogs 2 won't show up in your Uplay account straight away, however.
  3. some more info Inclusion of Norse Mythology One notable moment in the reveal trailer features Eivor seemingly spotting the Norse god Odin on the battlefield, who then transforms into a raven and flies away, a good omen amidst the battle. Does this mean the Norse gods will heavily feature in Valhalla’s story, particularly given the name? While Ismail understandably did not want to explore the story, he said Norse mythology figures and beliefs are certainly part of the game because Eivor’s spirituality, and their belief in these gods, is very much a part of their and the Vikings daily lives. “The Norse beliefs and the Norse mythology was an everyday part of the culture. And this is the way we're approaching it, from a sense of the grounded history of the Vikings and the Norse people,” Ismail said. “We also, we're telling a personal story of Eivor. So Eivor's perspective of the world, this is sort of what's hinted at in that trailer, how Eivor will take a sign or see something and put their own spin on it. “It's an important part of Eivor's journey through this world, but the cue [of Odin in the trailer] was the Norse people, their belief structures, that mythology itself was a part of the everyday life. link
  4. disappointed...was really looking forward to this
  5. san_Assassin

    Farcry 5

    Far Cry: Vaas Actor Hints at a Return to the Iconic Role Michael Mando, the actor behind iconic Far Cry 3 villain, Vaas, has hinted towards him playing the role again. In a Reddit AMA, the Better Call Saul and Orphan Black actor was asked if he was still recognised as Vaas. His reply seems to imply that he'll be recognised more in future: "Thank you so much! Vaas is my spirit animal - having co-created that character is something that will always be dear to me. I still get recognized as Vaas, and I still feel the outpouring of love for that character - makes me very happy. Who knows... maybe I will reprise the role very soon? :p Thank you for watching xo" link
  6. Free for a limited time through digital downloads from Thursday 16th April midnight BST / 1am CEST through Wednesday, 6th May midnight BST / 1am CEST. Once you redeem the games, they are yours to keep.
  7. Just Cause 4 is free on the Epic Games Store Each week, the Epic Games Store offers a number of free titles to its customers. This week is a big one, as Just Cause 4, the 2018 open world title from Square Enix is free to all users alongside Wheels of Aurelia, an indie narrative-based driving game. Both of these titles are available to download for free from now until the 23rd of April. link
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