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  1. 18 years
  2. there are so many deserving candidates...koi bhagao is BKL ko
  3. i wont deny that he copied a lot from DC. in fact, SCD was a copy of batman and we all know that. Maine mara dhruv ko, adrishya hatyara and many more were all copied. but i always liked his artwork, especially in digests like Kirigi ka Kahar, Awaaz ki Tabahi, Khooni Khilone, Doctor Virus, Aatma Ke Chor, Samri ki Jwala, Vampire, all were great. Since Khazana, things have gone downhill. avshesh was probably the worst series of all. Sarvnayak started well but is almost a decade old now and still going on . i just hate the artwork that we are getting these days. Nagraj has become chinese. just look at the cover art of Punarutthan, Shankhnad by RCSG. they just look horrible. no expression at all. but then some people prefer this art style. It's all about personal taste.
  4. that's anupam sinha's artwork, creator of super commando dhruv. that guy is a genius.
  5. both DLCs are awesome. On one side where HOS is very dark, B&W is colorful. will definitely play again
  6. Rahul Dravid To Step Down As Team India Coach- Report As per a report by InsideSport, BCCI is looking for a foreign coach and might remove the Indian coach from his post. Nothing is official as of now and the final decision will be taken by the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC). “Nothing is final yet. We are exploring multiple options. Rahul is very much in our plans. But there is a workload on him too. Our entire focus shifts to World Cup at home. The message to everyone is clear, we have to win the World Cup. So, for obvious reasons, the focus is not on T20s at the moment. There are a lot of discussions going on. But for a final decision, CAC and the selectors have to be involved. And it will take a little while,” a senior BCCI official told InsideSport. link
  7. Nagraj aur Super Commando Dhruv, Nagraj aur Bugaku, Kirigi Ka Kahar, Maine Mara Dhruv Ko, Chumba ka Chakravyuh, Doctor Virus, Khazana series - all were superhits at that time. Nagraj aur Bugaku still holds the record of max number of copies sold in RC history till date. I still got whole collection of Dhruv and Nagraj, and some of Fighter Toads, Bhokal, Parmanu, Doga, Bhediya, Pret Uncle but hardly get any time to read them. Reason why Nagaraj has become so confusing is that there are 3 versions of him now - vishwarakshak, atankharta, narak nashak. btw sorry for all the OTs. i think we should have a separate thread for RC fans
  8. There are a lot of sellers, but cheapest option right now is comichaveli since they are clearing all RC stocks. expect 40% discount from them. most reliable is comicsadda. I wouldn't recommend Rajcomicsuniverse, rajcomics.net at all. There have been a lot of complaints of missing comics, novelties, and refund issues. Mods/admins of FB group of both RCSG and RCMG simply block users who raise any complaints regarding orders.
  9. you read RC ?
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