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  1. i used to spend hours just playing Gwent, it was so good.
  2. as I said earlier, shoonya kumar yadav never deserved to be in this ODI team. even siraj was quite mediocre, only 1 good match he had and that was against SL. we were doing so well and were so close. dil toot gaya yar
  3. steve bucknor...naam to suna hi hoga
  4. with 23 wickets in 6 matches and 1 more to go, shami is most deserving for MOS
  5. ashwin should play in place of surya till hardik comes back
  6. not play slow, but after those quick 40 or 50, he can focus on building a partnership (just what Kohli does once Rohit is out) and continue for as long as possible. that way we wont lose a wicket as well
  7. rohit is the key player today. hope he stays long
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