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  1. Klopp after Zielinski scored against Saudi Arabia today
  2. lolwhat? What are you smoking? Are you talking/chatting with yourself, that too online??? Did not know this was even possible
  3. https://gamingbolt.com/the-callisto-protocol-uses-ps5s-dualsense-features-very-heavily Let's hope it is the same on the pc as well
  4. This game is not under the PS umbrella (ps console exclusive etc) so I dont think so. If they do, then itll be a pleasant surprise.
  5. If gaas is what Spender prefers, maybe he should sell himself to Krafton
  6. So instead of competing with titles like GoW, Spiderman, Bloodborne, Elden Ring etc Msgs is now trying to compete with Pubg and fortnite.
  7. Match day 7 predictions 1) Tunisia v/s Australia - 1-1 2) Poland v/s Saudi Arabia - 1-2 3) France v/s Denmark - 2-1 4) Argentina v/s Mexico- 2-2
  8. There are 0 big IPs launched by MS in this decade so far. (2020-2022). Heck There are 0 big IPs launched by MS in the last decade as well (2012-2022).
  9. Apparently it was a GTS exclusive in india. Hope some importers do get it though as many retailers worlwide are getting it. Its stupid that the pre orders are still on, but the steelbook offer has expired. wtf. just ask for more steelbooks! simple.
  10. Did you manage to secure the steelbook? I wanted to pre order this weekend and now the steelbook order has expired. Can you fkin believe it. Just called gamestheshop and they are like the allocated orders are done, and they wouldn't be getting any more steelbooks. I really wanted one. Any idea where to get one by not paying a bomb?
  11. Match day 6 predictions 1) Wales v/s Iran - 1-1 2) Qatar v/s Senegal - 0-2 3) Netherlands v/s Ecuador - 2-1 4) England v/s USA- 2-1
  12. there is a variant of splatoon with the DLC on the cart as well, right?
  13. Each team should atleast get 2 appeals per match, kinda like drs in cricket, imo
  14. wanted portugal to win with a scoreline of 2-1. and yes, the 3rd goal was an offside. PS- when can you appeal for the VAR? purely at the discretion of the ref?
  15. 1) not the current gen though. Not with a joke of a system like series L 2) coz xbox (this gen) has no games.
  16. The reason i asked you to go back to the ps2. Best deal in gaming for you in 2022. Why consider a last gen system current gen and allow spender to fool you.
  17. This is the might of switch. Something that is Spenders wet dream.
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