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  1. From what I have seen on Twitter, those who found animal violent and sexual are nothing but a female organ that starts with a p. I have been exposed to so much violence in games/ movies, those scenes felt like pg13 in front of them. Heck even mortal Kombat has more gore. Everything happens off camera. I wonder how people thought this movie is violent. Even anurag kashyap movies have more realistic violence than this. On a scale of 0-10, I would give the violence a 4. The impact of a scene reduces rapidly when violence happens off screen. Even ww2 war movies have more violence in them. Disappointed.
  2. I think he was referring to what was shown in the movie. I mean how women are treated in the movie. Maybe it was consensual. So I wanted to know if a woman in love let's you treat however you want to? Is that what the director meant when he said what he said @Big Boss? Thanks for a detailed biological explanation. But in the context of the movie, does a woman in love allow you to treat her however you want to? Does she expect you to treat her like trash in bed and otherwise? What did the director mean exactly by his comment that the critics have not been in real relationships. I was not referrin to the biological stimulus a woman might get during fornication.
  3. I guess this is what happens. But i wonder what vanga meant when he said critics don't know what happens in a "real relationship" and thus they are bashing the movie. Ps- I haven't watched the movie yet. Just recorded footage on Twitter.
  4. Why did vanga say what he said. What happens in a proper romantic relationship. And what's the SOP.
  5. I mean there must be some generalized behaviour patterns. What are they. To know if a woman is really in love or faking it?
  6. Though I haven't watched the movie yet but can you throw some light on this? How a woman truly in love behaves and expects?
  7. https://theanalyst.com/eu/2023/11/india-vs-australia-prediction/
  8. Also people are expecting too much out of acti Blizzard deal. What might happen- 1) spender converts CoD campaigns into byte sized dlcs and focuses more on the multiplayer segment. 2) tiered gamepass structure for day 0 access. Spender won't give away traditional cod sp on the Langer seva.
  9. Just like elden ring, bots will now consider aw2 and baldurs gate 3 as xbox gs titles.
  10. I mean spender should be sacked just for these two decisions he took
  11. The entire starflop thread seems like a big joke now, if you go through individual posts there. Imagine spending 1000 hours of your life on that crap. No one comes remotely close to ps studios when it comes to narrative well defined storylines. Naughty dog is such a master in this. I recently revisited uncharted 4 as a part of the legacy of thieves collection. I had forgotten how well written and epic the story is. None of the cutscenes feel drab and all of them perfectly merge with the storyline. I literally got goosebumps during certain sections even after all these years. Such a well written masterpiece the game is! One of the standout moment from the game is when Nate and Elena drive through the jungle in their jeep after an intense cutscene and a certain theme plays in the background. They have revamped everything in the lotc remaster. What an epic moment it is! Goosebumps! (For better or worse, sequence starts at 2.49 What a sequence! Xbots can only dream of such epic sequences in their games. No other studio is not even close to what ps game studios give us year in and year out. These are not games but experiences.
  12. Bots are the biggest bunch of jokers on this planet. Just read the posts made by them when starflop launched. Mediocrity is so ingrained in them even a meta 60 feels like gotd to them. Daal ko chicken samajhkar khaate hain.
  13. I mean after starflops debacle, spender should just step down or get the sack. After hyping it up to astronomical levels, it did not even get a nomination. ROFL! Another year another blank.
  14. Slowly but steadily, spender will kill every bugthesda and acti blizz ips. They will be forced to churn out mp fodder while the SP will get relegated to byte sized dlcs. I personally only care about id software. I cannot imagine spender destroying doom/quAke and wolfenstein franchises by forcing the dev to churn out gamepiss level crap.
  15. I think going forward Ms aaa studios- only gaas/online/mtx based crapola Aa / indie- 2d/2.5d/shell shaded single player games which last for 6-8 hours. That's the only way the subscription service can work. And bots will act as if those indie bhindies are the second coming of Jesus.
  16. 90 percent of bots have attention span of ants. They don't have the patience to like bugthesdas 1000 hour RPGs. They just jumped on the hype train after the acquisition.
  17. This is the reasoning which comes when you think with the head, which lies few inches down your tummy.. BCCI doesn't make any rules. Rules are made and enforced by the ICC. You cannot ban any country from playing the world cup. In case you do that, you'll get blacklisted by the ICC. We are not at a state of war with Pakistan at the moment hence they cannot be banned from playing an international competition no matter how bad people want them to be banned.
  18. Even playing with oneself is better than booting those crapola disguised as games that you get on gamepiss. Starflop, something which was marketed as a killer app, is nowhere to be seen. The game is so damn boring you haven't even touched it yet. Speaks a lot about the quality you get on gamepiss. And looks like spender has stamped mw3 sp with made for gamepiss already. Expect all cod games going forward to be of similar quality. That's what you get on a subscription service anyways. And they'll milk the franchise by dropping some skins maps and crap.
  19. PS's meta 90+ first party title will drop before xbox's next meta 60 fp title.
  20. Can your mechanical eyes distinguish the difference 2fps makes?
  21. Just because xbox doesn't have system sellers, these numbers seem insane to you. Spiderman 2 is a system seller. People have bought ps5s just to experience this potential goty. A concept alien to you.
  22. 2.5 mil in one day is a number bots cannot even imagine inside their mechanical hard drives.
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