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  1. I think it's time for Chokli to focus either on red/white ball. Great innings by pant
  2. Ps gets all the Marvel games Xbox gets all the Marvel skins on their system. Ps- is spender celebrating the impending announcement of GoW R
  3. Someone from the legion for sure. Someone who is notorious for making alts and abusing other members.
  4. Standard modus operandi of the legion One person starts abusing and others start cheering him up.
  5. Qhote one post of mine where i have "abused" someone.
  6. Only if people talk games and don't get personal, this thread won't turn into the cesspit it turns into, thanks to the unrestrained behavior of some people. Looks like some need to learn the art of debating (without hurling abuses).
  7. check my first quoted post. I have quoted the post of that alt account. anyone's guess who that may be....
  8. I am not blaming anyone in particular. I am saying in general. People are making alternate IDs to abuse others. I am referring to that. PS- If you feel I am blaming you, then maybe you attack others personally as well. but that comment was made in general
  9. This is a versus thread People are free to share what they dont like about a console/company/game here without getting personal. This aint no game thread. I guess some people just dont understand the bold part and everything turns nasty from that point.
  10. kindly visit a gastro if you are suffering from verbal diarrhea
  11. This just proves that AnK and Knackchap indeed were correct. Guys like him wont even waste a single moment and will bring in topics like religion, race, personal lives etc while debating about games.
  12. Guess what, the bathroom singer is here again! Did someone from the legion get banned or something?
  13. Do you think those posts would still be visible. They have been taken down by the mods obviously.
  14. Spender spends all his time playing games. When will he spend that time to actually launch some titles on the system. While Jim Ryan, Miyamoto etc are busy with innovation, spender is trying to kill bosses in Elden Ring.
  15. It's either low budget or $500 million. You decide.
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