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  1. The only real strategy spender has is lying out of his guts.
  2. Pitching a aa title against the aaa mega single player blockbusters of sony. 👆 Looks like this is how bots enjoy aa/indie/gaas trash spender launches on the monthly family ration scheme, that too once in a blue moon.
  3. Doom is technically a Bethesda game. Which came out before the acquisition. It's a 10-15 hours game at Max. Now no bethesda game will be of similar length. Gamepiss fodder cannot be so short launching on the service day 1
  4. Only grinding in Gamepass fodder. They won't give you a 10-12 hours campaign on a subscription service. They'll make it grindy and live servicy for sure.
  5. Star field? September. They had announced a "concrete" release date last year as well.
  6. Yes. the game exists in our imagination only and I dont see that changing anytime soon. Expect further delays.
  7. from being a langar to now being a monthly family ration scheme, gamepiss has come a long way.
  8. 50 percent of the titles you have mentioned are focused on MP more. we have 0 idea about the remaining 50%
  9. Not surprising to be honest. this is what happens when you force a studio that excels in single player experiences to churn out gamepass trash with MP/live service elements. Arkane seems to have run out of ideas now. Another studio, run to the ground after an inorganic acquisition. Teaming up shooting down hordes of monsters was novel in 2007 and 2009. not in 2023. every god damn indie fps on steam has similar mechanics and plot points. and bots are excited to play such banal trash. lol.
  10. even 12th pos is better than no position. i dont see that changing for l-box anytime soon
  11. you cannot. as it is full. unlike living inside head of bots, which is possible as those heads are as empty as xbox's aaa lineup this gen (so far)
  12. None of them are coming to xbox also. those franchises are good as dead now. Spender cannot even oversee one proper aaa release in 3-4 years. these IPs are as good as dead now. But bots like you wont see the truth
  13. no matter how much you cry , prime ff games will never be on the langar seva. SE treats bots as its bitch.
  14. @Vaibhavpand other bots after hearing latest developments regarding Spiderman 2
  15. Someone who gorges on bug infested langar ( bugthesda games) would obviously wont "feel" for chefs special Meta 93 game. nothing new here.
  16. They ONLY touch xbox for those indies and aa crapola. kinda reminds me of the console, OUYA, meant to play android based games.
  17. Fanbase =! a good game. heck even infinite has a fanbase. a fanbase consisting of bots like you. I am referring to the quality of the game at launch. not n years down the line
  18. Xbox has already announced a Superman game being developed exclusively for the ps5
  19. even the so called "exclusives" have more review counts on the PC
  20. How can you get your a*s kicked by something you helped fund? I am sure bot brains are not aware, but Sony owns some percentage of from software. Thus they have indirectly funded the game. Also, why the hell are bots so hell bent on claiming Elden Ring. Go play some GAAS, indies or some AA crap. thats what you have been getting since the last two years
  21. stupid post. sony/nintendo games dont launch of steam day one. this further proves how irrelevant of a platform xbox is, when your games are getting wishlisted on a different platform. they should quit console business and stick to publishing.
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