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  1. It's pretty evident that XGS has leadership problems. Games announced in 2019 can't be in pre production in late 2021. Re-starting reboots and bringing in partners when the game is years into the development cycle.

    Ps- I'm putting these concerns as a gamer. They'll end up destroying the franchises they bought (but did not build) this way. 20210925_083159.jpg20210925_083156.jpg20210925_083154.jpg

  2. 6 minutes ago, gecko89 said:

    This is such a mess, all that talk and now collaboration with an external dev. They actually called themselves an AAAA studio without having anything to show, maybe MS should stop with the boasting and let their work do the talking, clearly they have the talent.

    Next they'll send in their minions for damage control, I don't think anyone would have questioned or made a mockery of this if they hadn't painted an impeccable picture of 'The Initiative' all those years ago.




    Should we just assume that every title announced under xbox game studios is in early development stages regardless of how many years it has been worked on already??

  3. 3 minutes ago, swift said:


    Exclusive or not all gen launch aren’t that impressive tbh which is why i said I wouldn’t call it a banger and as for ps4 launch they said how fast ps4 was, this and that and they gave us and indie game called resogun, same with ps5  games were also available on ps4, people still can’t get their hands on ps5 and lastly they’re talking about 4k 120hrz like it will be constant.



    Do you know about a website , metacritic? 


    Kindly compare scores of games launched on ps5 with the launch titles of previous generations. 



  4. 17 minutes ago, triggr happy ss said:

    They were 5 studios in 2018 

    What the hell are you talking about? 




    Xbox game studios, which has 23 studios under its banner (now) is yet to produce a goty. (Infact I don't think any of the acquired studios launched gotys as well (in thr last decade))


    However, different studios under ps have produced gotys in different years. 


    When was the last time xbox studios produced a goty? 


    Heck leave goty, this present gen is yet to start on the platform....

  5. 25 minutes ago, swift said:

    yeah i totally miss that but tbh I won’t call it a banger.



    This is the greatest lineup since the ps one maybe. All 80+ on meta games. 



    Some are crossgen due to the pandemic. You totally didn't account that. Plus the games they have shown (and the ones they haven't). They are planning to obliterate competition this generation within 2 years. 


  6. Just now, l33tmaniac said:


    So, Flight Sim and Psychonauts don't count? :ko:


    What is your definition of first party games, my lord?


    Just now, hsk_colossus said:

    I will answer this 

    deathloop!! 😂😂



    If in future (though there is no chance of that happening) if they acquire square enix, you guys would start deeming final fantasy as xbox studios title? Lol! 


    Then why stop at psychonauts and deathloop. Claim doom eternal as a first party title as well :rofl:

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