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  1. This has everything to do with PS v Xbox. First you had issues with the franchise having a lead character with a particular partner preference. Then you had issues with the pricing. After that you hoped that the game gets bombed And when the game got 9+ reviews from most outlets, you started questioning the point of the remake. You search far and wide to post something crap about this title each day. If you dont like it, stop talking about it. And if you have to talk crap on a daily basis, wait for the v/s thread to open. Every couple of hours you post some random crap from the internet, and a majority dont give a damn about it. Post those in the vs thread.
  2. dude you should stop posting your crap on this thread. No one wants to read your take on this title anymore. Wait for the v/s thread to open to post your views (which have become stale now) and Ill then debunk/decimate whatever you are spewing.
  3. Threads for GAAS based potentially dead titles with cancelled featured and delayed updates that no body cares about, should be locked. Not this thread (Potential GoTY nominee )
  4. Hope they recover soon. I really hope these reinfections don't cause issues in long term.
  5. because he has a life and buys those games which are worth. Just because you are hungry (GP), doesnt mean youll go to an all you can eat buffet and put anything in your mouth. Fine dine experience requires the food to be savored. Platting / finishing game as soon as you get them is not mandatory. Unlike rental services, games wont leave you so you dont have to binge on them
  6. penalty for a slow over rate.
  7. what you gotta do first, to actually enjoy xbox FP games. Unfortunately, for @Vaibhavp the effects stay for long and he posts here under the influence of weed.
  8. Lack of stocks. Maybe this will give them some motivation to manufacture more.
  9. Retailers are to be blamed or Sony?
  10. Like i said. You want stuff for gratis. Logic works differently for you.
  11. Neither switch games, nor ps5 games cost 5k in india. even for brand new copies.
  12. TLDS- It was. to achieve their artistic visions.
  13. I think both of you are the same person. Games make sense to you, only when they are free. Opportunists. All your philosophies go out of the window once you get games for free.
  14. I know very well what I'm talking about. Langar is not 100 percent free. People pay Chanda for it to run properly. That's what you will pay till the aaa titles drop on the service.
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