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  1. Just like spenders "artistic choice" of not releasing even a single game in 2022..
  2. Which realm are you in. Looks like its already Fimbulwinter there!
  3. I remember some 🤖s were against bundles. Wonder what their perception about bundles are, now. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/microsoft-reveals-new-xbox-series-s-bundle-preorders-are-live-now/1100-6509118/
  4. You are such an imbecile! You are not even worth replying to. But anyways.... 720p in 2021/2022 to maintain constant high frames and then calling it a current gen console is nothing but a fraud. Also, i took a dig at the whole cross gen razzdle dazzle started by Spender. Those who put Infinites crappy performance on an altar and are taking a dig at Ragnaroks gfx/performance are nothing but hypocrites. This is what I was alluding to from my first post. Second hand experience of the game on YouTube would never allow them to fathom the scale of technical prowess of GoW R PS5 version.
  5. You betcha! https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/halo-infinite-resolution-technical-preview/ First comparing a console exclusive with a PC running a 4090 and then saying the gfx suck. Wait for 2-3 years for Ragnarok to launch on the pc and then compare with other pc games.
  6. As people know about your choices. you would rather play meta 60 titles than Goty Nominees.
  7. Though it is true, but you are the first bot to openly call series s as last gen. THe resolution/ fps combo I mentioned is how infinite runs on the series s
  8. Those who prefer playing infinite @540p, 30fps should not throw stones at others.
  9. Talk about apples vs oranges comparison. Comparing a ps exclusive title with a multiplat title that is perfectly optimised on the PC, and passing comments on the console exclusive. tch tch, bots are literally grasping at the straws now.
  10. Imagine spending ~$500 mil on development, yet could not even find itself in the nomination list. Also one whole year with 0 games. Spender surely delivering.......nothing..
  11. What @Vaibhavp thought he would do in the week starting Nov 11th, 2022 What hes actually doing ...while Kratos ripping competition apart!
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