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  1. How to spot a hypocritical x-bot Someone who places Halo Infinites open world- a drabfest of an open world, that too at 30 fps 580p which is as dry as the Atacama desert, on an altar, finds certain section of GoTY 2022 as lengthy
  2. Not possible. Xbox is not compatible with any VR headset(s). maybe in a distant future
  3. Can i then bet a $100 mil on the match youll watch after 19 years- that india will get thrashed mercilessly and the opposition will win by 10 wickets?
  4. *even if* on drugs, ill still whoop you in Halo (today, tomorrow, everyday)...
  5. England Cricket team (today): indian cricket team :: Playstation : xbox (every year)
  6. Spender ke paas optimism ki dukan hai kya? Pretty ambitious for a platform with 0 games in 2022.
  7. Here's another game for you. On the table are some straws that you have to grasp.
  8. Some of my blue controllers for various PlayStation consoles. I now have atleast one blue controller for every generation of PS systems. PS- I'm a sucker for blue consoles and controllers/peripherals. Do give me a ping in case anyone wants to get rid of something/ anything blue (video game stuffs). Legit ds3 was a hard find. Glad to finally have it in the collection.
  9. Picked up some titles on the switch. Can't wait to embark on a journey, Eastward! Also picked up two different Wolfenstein(s) from two different eras. And finally, something which was on my list since a while now. Thanks to @joy.das.jd, i have managed to acquire it (finally). A legit blue Ds3.
  10. Abe bhopu insaan, bohot baj raha hai, toh sun ab. Teri bajane ke liye "itni si hi aukat" chaiye kyuki tu hai hi itna puny. You are an example of "choti dukaan pheeki pakwan". Pahad ukhad liya kya tune. Literally 95 percent of the people living on this planet do this only. But looks like by your standards (which are touching the ground), it is an achievement. Abe mandbuddhi insaan, my ego is not connected to the consoles i own. My life is much bigger and grander than your microscopic world which exists in your head and internet connection. Teri baatein sunkar mujhe un logon ki baat yaad aati hai jinhone kabhi zindagi mein gaadi dekhi bhi nahi hoti, fir loan leke gaadi lete hain, fir sabko batate firte hain ki gaadi li Hain unhone. No one (at least i don't) give(s) a damn about the consoles you own). Yet har thread pe bhopu/loudspeaker ki tarah bajta rehta hai ki PS5/xsx/switch hai tere pass . Aur rahi pics ki baat, mujhe apni tarah akal se paidal samajh raha hai kya. Sabko Teri tarah show off nahi karna hota anonymous forum pe. Maybe these are the biggest achievements of your life. Saja ke rakh le apne ghar pe aur dekh ke khush hota reh. @Assassins Creed i thought you had asked members to be civilised last weekend. But maybe some don't /can't even understand plain English. Giving Fitting replies to them- the only the way forward in such cases I guess.
  11. HD remaster of Genso Suikoden has just been announced. The livestream is on!
  12. As we are talking about stakeholders and apparently only "stakeholders can criticize", literally anyone who owns a pc, phone, smart tv , previous xbox consoles etc (anything with a chip) is a potential xbox stakeholder. And this conference had nothing "new" in it. It's a fact. Nothing can dispute that. Also, i can understand some people who might have missed games like ni no kuni on systems like PS3/ PS4 etc might get excited that it's coming to the service now, but pretending that it's one of the "highlights" of the show is nothing but Also what's with keeping opinions in one's head. So anything contrary to the "PHIL-osophy" of the thread becomes bait? Plenty of people have not "kept their opinions in their heads in other threads". Wonder where this "righteousness" disappears when that happens. Lol. Anyways, i rest my case.
  13. I guess for some battle royale mode. (But even the og mw2 had this mode).
  14. That was in response to 👇 comment. i.e. whatever i said was not nonsense but a critique of what was shown (and not shown in the conference) and thus this comment will be tackled in another thread.
  15. This is not a spam, but a genuine view/point of mine. Like you had with the Nintendo direct. You were not exactly happy with the games shown/not shown, and were quite vocal about it. Will use the other thread for spams.
  16. Third person I'm actually excited about!
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