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  1. I think Koizumi holding a megadrive controller is a very powerful image. It signifies an end of history moment for Nintendo.
  2. One of the two events has already happened.
  3. 1. You not only mentioned your education (in multiple threads), but the area your house/flat encloses up as well. (in an anonymous forum- by your admission). And you are accusing others of having no purpose in life 2. You are the one quoting our posts and not the other way. Don't step into something that you can't handle yourself. 3. How does one get recognition in an anonymous forum - by "flexing". How does one flex online? By revealing information. As far as I know, neither of us have done so. You on the other hand have revealed a lot. 4. Going by your posting history, looks like you are pretty regular here yourself. So maybe instead of checking on us, you should moderate your internet habits. So yes. I guess the adage, pot calling a kettle black fits in here perfectly.
  4. These 2 are neither aaa nor aa (as per MS admission) and are being treated as indies by MS. No physical release, no further games in the pipeline.
  5. Pretty sure the same would be said in 2022, then in 2023 and so on ..
  6. What about the promise of a new aaa title every other month?
  7. That's an impossibility. Someone here posted about a sh*t umbrella or something. We need that precisely for such acquisition news.
  8. 🤣AAAA🤣 they said hope the Partnership helps concoct at least an Episodic 2.5A Game that can be delivered piecemeal across 5yrs on GamePass.
  9. Random, inorganic acquisitions lead to such fallouts. As I said yesterday, some things never change. Yesterday, Nintendo unveiled Sega games on their online service. They unveiled a Sega megadrive controller as well, to play games on the Nintendo switch. How ironic. The day is not too far when xbox will sell controllers on the PS platform. The xbox of the future would become the Sega of today!
  10. Do you know what truly is next gen? the trinity of haptics, kraken/ssd and 3d audio. you can add exclusives to that list as well. These technologies create immersion which separates previous gen from the current gen. Also, while you are debating Quick Resume, Sony is busy releasing games. PS- QR was yesterday, Halo infinite is today. You would need to have a very vivid imagination, to imagine Halo infinite as the GOTY 2021. #justsaying...
  11. Did you "imagine" both the technologies and made a comparison video inside your imagination...
  12. I am happy with the current gen. Imagining about "next gen" is Cerny's job. Has a lot of weight on his shoulders. Looking at how things stand at the moment, looks like only PS and Ninty would have next gens...
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