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  1. PC master race says hi! I think MS is planning something on the lines of steam boxes . Maybe MS branded gaming PCs
  2. The main grip with xbox pass is the limited (time) access to the games. You need to finish them within a stipulated time period.
  3. That makes sense. But they can still save this generation if they come out with exclusives for xsx only. Wonder why they are changing the model. Ps:- I'm glad though that glory has returned/is returning to pc gaming master race again.
  4. Well MS has killed off hardware divisions before as well. Heard of the MS Zune series?
  5. Then they should kill the hardware division and instead focus on making great games instead.
  6. I am not even sure what can be considered as an "Xbox game" anymore. With games releasing both on the PC and XSX, do we really need to invest on a standalone console if we have a decent enough PC that can run XsX games at decent enough frame rates? It is no secret that exclusives propel consoles. Not sure what MS is trying to achieve here.
  7. Maybe MS is buying sega. . . . . . . . or maybe a new sega console?
  8. Sad. After bioshock, system shock would have been perfect.
  9. He was working on System Shock 3 https://www.cgmagonline.com/2020/05/20/system-shock-3-acquired-by-tencent/
  10. Ken levine was/is working on a System Shock as well, right?
  11. Damn! Th gameplay is looking sweet. Pretty fast as well. Btw is Ken Levine directing this.? Or is this another inde fps ??
  12. Ofcourse it is. TLOU1 was about visceral melee as well. Ellie runs hard, and uses her momentum to whack people into the next dimension.
  13. I think sony revised the hardware somewhere in 2017/2018
  14. The game might just sell some units of VITA as well
  15. I think its bigger and heavier. Bitkart is located in Nehru Place. You can pick it up from them personally as well.
  16. Those clickers looked hideous as well. Modeled from the group up, maybe!
  17. Damn. The game never gets old, does it? So many years into the future, in a post pandemic world, hotline Miami still rules.
  18. Loved the reveal. The Vita reference was just epic!
  19. bitkart.in (Nehru place) has it. but they'll open for orders this saturday. PS :- https://www.kccomputers.in/store/gaming-peripherals/gaming-mouse/logitech-g304-lightspeed-wireless-gaming-mouse/ cant verify is this website can be trusted
  20. Physical version (as well) on the PC please!
  21. Superfking excited for this game. I love such arcady soccer games. PLus I was a huge fan of hungry hearts anime series. PS:- Would we get a physical copy of this game?
  22. logitech g304 lightspeed. period. Epic mouse it is. or Coolermaster mm 710/711 PS:- I am looking for them as well.
  23. Gets a steam page https://store.steampowered.com/app/1222140/Detroit_Become_Human/
  24. https://www.pcgamer.com/steam-sale-2020-date-leak/
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