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  1. playing brothers: A tale of two sons on android, though I have the physical xbox version as well
  2. Those who are saying Crackdown is better than days gone should realize that it is available on PC as well. For Days Gone though, if you want to experience it, you need a PS4. PS:- It is actually a pretty solid game. They might launch some DLCs and bring out an ultimate edition or something which would sell like hot cakes.
  3. Original Xbox had some epic exclusive titles that never got a PC release. I wonder why microsoft killed the one x The only way of staying relevant is by bringing out exclusives. And the xbox Games that they are planning to launch on PC should be delayed launches
  4. I was not comparing it to ps2, but it had some great IPs that got lost in history
  5. I have been visiting shop no 2 for years now. They used to give good rates at some point but now you would get better rates if you look around (Palika and Gaffar). Royal Palace lost its sheen a decade ago. i am not even sure who owns the shop presently. Palika has lost its crown to Gaffar when it comes to gaming stuffs. However if you move around and do not stick to one shop, you might be able to haggle better and get cheaper rates. Shop number 2 does not haggle at all for some odd reason (earlier they used to). Sometimes even sardarji keeps a strict vigil on Puneet bhaiya . PS: Gaffar by default has better rates than Palika.
  6. They should bring back the original xbox exclusives to series x if they want to survive. Not impressed at all with the games showcased yesterday. GFX looked dated and the gameplay, well not so exciting. If you are having a show for a new console, it is criminal to open with indie style games. Heck , some of the games showcased would run perfectly on the switch as well. I am assuming Sony would blow xsx's event to smithereens by showcasing the exclusive(s ) and other hardware capabilities. Disappointed. I was hoping XSX would take "xbox" back to glory days.
  7. Secondly people might be having hidden agendas. But I think we should not get swayed by it and just focus on the "project" as a piece of art. Also, this is a revenge story. We must understand that ellie is the protagonist here, and Joel is a side character. We can think of this game as Ellie's tale. We can assume that TLOU1 was a different game altogether. I am not getting the reason behind all this hate? We have been playing with/against female characters and have beaten/got beaten the sh*t out of in fighting games since the advent of such games (chun li, nina williams etc). Also in games like quake, pubG etc, people play with female characters all the time. What is the fuss all about? Even in cyberpunk 2077 you can play as a female. I think all the slander thrown at this game is not justified. Making mountain of a mole hill.
  8. Yes i did. I think sometimes we need to accept whatever some studio/person is creating and if that is good, appreciate it.
  9. I hope India gets a physical release. Hey btw they are loading the executable on the PSN. Can anyhone hack into the systems and leak the executable as well?
  10. The only agenda ND has is making fun, engrossing games so that the audience get their moneys worth
  11. Also, TLOU 1 ended as we took control of Ellie. So Ellie had to be the protagonist in the second part.
  12. so you have issues with women taking over lead roles and bulking up? I think there is a level where her gymnasium is shown as well. also its not about the story anyawys. it is never about the story but the presentation. And this is where ND shines. Joel would die was a foregone conclusion. THe presentation is what matters. PS:- The people who are presently deriding ND for not including an actual story also derided Death Stranding as being a walking simulator.
  13. You are missing a fact that Joel is kinda old now, and the other lady bays for his blood. Maybe he was ambushed. who knows. She did not kill him in a one on one fight
  14. Its not just about LGBT and SJW stuff. It is about a revenge story. and trust me, if the story had not leaked, the twist would have been really shocking. Even now, I am sure ND has things up its sleeve that people dont know about
  15. several months prior to release? how?/
  16. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/michigan-trump-civil-war-coronavirus-fox-news-nancy-pelosi-a9495151.html
  17. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/doom-eternal-pc-on-sale-for-40-just-one-month-afte/1100-6476361/
  18. damn, where is the thread? cant find it...
  19. would love to get a sneek peek at your collection
  20. ^is that the razer viper ultimate?
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