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  1. Even the GameCube supported gameboy with the gameboy player.
  2. Get the street fighter 5 hot package as well. Also, how much do they charge for shipping from Malaysia? Is that the pc version of witcher 2?
  3. Is there a sureshot of way of knowing what is what? It's so damn confusing. Won't touch such things with a barged pole. Also are these things generally found on railway tracks? Or can be found in city roads as well...
  4. Have never come across such things in Delhi. Though have seen remnants of lemon, mirchi, slippers, clothes etc many times on pavements. Accidentally stepping on them is just as bad or are they harmless (i wonder) .
  5. Just speaks volumes about the prowess of PlayStation studios in general and naughty dog in particular. They can create visually stunning, spectacular masterpieces in just 6 months' time. And some other studios can't even deliver a complete package with every mode playable in 6 years....
  6. Also, by an upgrade, i don't mean a straight up 4k console. Just a powerful hardware with a faster screen (OLED screen has perfect pixel density for handheld gaming. Just give us a faster version of it)
  7. 6 years is a decent amount of time to utilise the full power of a hardware. If you still think there's a lot left wrt power, i don't think any developer would be able to utilise it anytime soon, anyways. Also, a lot of recent switch games have had issues with texture pops, slowdowns, fps drops etc. So i believe the time to refresh hardware is now. Nintendo should think of developing a prototype now (if they haven't already).
  8. Hope more games make full utilisation of the SSD going forward.
  9. Hope finding such items on pavements doesn't count
  10. I'm almost sure of one thing. Botw2, when it releases would release on two systems (the present switch and a more powerful hardware, simultaneously). They wouldn't risk releasing such a *new* marquee title on a hardware that would be 6 years old in 2023. Other Zelda titles like Twilight Princess, even BoTW got treated, similarly.
  11. Thanks dude . Searching for Jap region stuff in india is akin to searching for a needle in some haystack! I wonder if these kind people would ship to India?
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