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  1. Looks like the biggest gripe people have is the price. So once the price drops, this remaster might just become a blockbuster. . Maybe the meta ratings would magically rise to 95+ as ratings seem to be inversely proportional to price.
  2. They discontinued the virtual Console. With that not in existence there is no legit way of playing old games on switch or other newer Nintendo systems. The only way of doing that, is to buy the latest remakes. Or subscribing to the NSO. I don't see people criticising this move much (on this forum, though this is not the right thread for brining this up). Nintendo basically makes BC impossible first, and then charges full price for a "remaster/remake". In tlous case atleast, you still have a choice to play the PS4 copy of the game. You don't have such a choice for Nintendo system (switch in this case).
  3. No. I am your worst nightmare
  4. like what? making it an FPS?
  5. @Kumar123s google search : "the last of us part 1 remake bad"
  6. Point to my post where I have mentioned the original had tanky controls. You and your strawman arguments.
  7. To sum up arguments started from this title being a cash grab, to sony hiding gameplay vids, to hoping the game bombs and people "pirate the sh*t out of it" and finally to $70 being premium (though locally, its way lesser than $70) literally clutching at the straws here..
  8. You are the only person in the whole TLOU P 1 thread who was/is bitching about tank controls.
  9. Like you have problems shelling out $70 for something, he has issues shelling out $180/year for nothing (as per his tastes)
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