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  1. Id is the granddaddy of FPSes for a reason. Thankfully retro themed fast shooters are making a comeback. I think more ivgians should get a taste of quake remastered. The game is something else entirely.
  2. I think delta is the predominant variant now. Also, w.r.t vaccines, we don't know which ones are working and which ones are not that effective against the virus, plus if we need booster shots going forward.
  3. I'm pretty sure vanguards graphical bugs are not network related.
  4. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/call-of-duty-vanguard-has-some-nasty-graphical-bugs-on-xbox-right-now/1100-6496306/
  5. Quake 1 remastered Cant get enough of this game! Fast, furious, fatal! [emoji869]
  6. Two (more) alternative covers, added to the collection! Also, japanese box arts [emoji7]
  7. Another great 1v1 with @Vaibhavp
  8. It's an action game not an RPG. 40 hours is impossible
  9. I think the vaccine immunity drops after few months. And ofcourse vaccination makes people complacent, and maybe they indulge in pandemic inappropriate behaviours.
  10. Let exclusives do the talking.
  11. I personally think a third (booster) dose is imminent. Hope the govt doesn't celebrate pre maturely. Single shots won't do crap.
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