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  1. Upmarket gourmet experience ? V/s Monthly ration scheme experience ?
  2. Imagine mocking a 6 years old system that has already sold 100m+ units as underpowered , a console which is purely meant as a handheld gaming device (a secondary console) when your primary "current gen" console runs out of VRAM trying to play last gen games. That's the serious L spender gives his bot army regularly!
  3. Just allow keeb mouse integration (officially) on consoles and see console sales blast to astronomical levels. Just to pander to the community who feed on trash like gaas mtx enabled stuff
  4. I guess bots are emotionally damaged post spenders interview.
  5. One Japanese game is launching this month. It will sell millions of copies. Take it from me in writing. Something that spender can only dream about. Also why are you such a hypocrite. You get wet thinking of Hifi rush. Is that game made in Indore?
  6. What Spender thinks he will be doing in few months (in case the activision deal goes through, thanks to his crying) What he will (actually) be doing in few months
  7. Gamepass should be renamed as Trashpass. This is the end of history, i suppose. no subscription service can compete with quality paid for experiences, period, specially in gaming, where super casual gamers have so many choices/cheaper means of playing blockbuster games, and not trashy indie/MP/GAAS titles. Sony and Nintendo will comprehensively dominate gaming as we know it now. Japanese have won over American counterparts when it comes to console gaming. A new American company has to rise from the embers of trashbox to compete with them.
  8. Hence push piss poor games on the service. why make efforts.
  9. You and bots like you are like those mindless (without ai) vampires you see floating around the buggy world of Redfall. Pawns of spender getting hunted whenever he releases some new crapola on the service.
  10. No one outside of bots can enjoy gamepass for what it has to offer. flop after flop for $!80 usd is what they have on offer. Compare that with a blockbuster game (which one may play) What is it with bots- whenever something costs, it becomes corporate greed. lol. bots are twisted.
  11. radicaldude


    This line sums it up perfectly- the game is like a delayed reaction to a knock to the crotch.
  12. This is the only rebuttal bots have to save their false prophet, Spender. They have issues when companies, that churn out AAA blockbuster titles, ask for money they think their product deserves. Although no one is forcing them to buy it, yet theyll complain as their false prophet dishes out meta 40 doles to them for gratis.
  13. classic syndrome. you dont need games. you need help.
  14. I wonder when will bots say enough is enough! Almost 3 years have passed since the launch of this generation, and not one proper aaa blockbuster by xbox on the service. Don't you guys feel duped? Or has spender numbed you down by feeding you laced aa/indie trash.
  15. I further think instead of spending billions on straight up acquiring studios, they should pay japanese devs to secure rights to some games/establish new games no matter how poorly they sell in japan. They should compensate the loss of customers, fairly. Heck who knows, one/some of them might become system sellers. Also they need to create more genre. Where are the games like midtown madness, project gotham racing, tenku series, games like metal wolf chaos etc. Xbox games feel like catering to/pandering the western audiences more. Sega had so many epic (some exclusive) releases on the system .
  16. That's what i was alluding to. OG xbox had done good ground work to penetrate japanese markets. They released many japan exclusive consoles/games there. But the present gen management is out of ideas. They are hellbent on aggressively pushing gamepass at the cost of developing in house IPs. I also agree that xbox sales are so low in Japan, japanese devs wont even think of developing exclusives on the system. Thus, epic exclusives from the OG xbox era will die/have died with the system.
  17. It literally pains me to see a brand like xbox in shambles. During the og xbox era, they had created so many epic franchises. some were first party titles and others were 2nd/3rd party exclusives on the system. Many from Japanese devs. Games like Otogi series, gunvalkyrie, bullet witch etc. There are so many epic yet unknown titles on the og xbox. So many epic, exclusive, fighting games on the system. So many different genre used to exist. There was no dearth of games. Phantom dust is an example of a hidden gem, exclusive to the system Now look where xbox is right now. They are severely out of ideas. Instead of buying established IPs, they should encourage japanese devs to churn out exclusives for them. Like how they used to during OG xbox/360 era. In its present form, xbox is nothing but a joke for/of the industry.
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