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  1. I own more consoles that cumulatively weigh more than your actual weight+ all the electronice items in your house together. I dont reply to you these days as I dont want to spend my time arguing to NooB bots like you. Dont make me rip you apart like I used to, again. Your ignorance is deeper than the mairana trench.
  2. For the highlighted part- only designated bots make such vile comments. Any serious gamer would not consider Nintendo games as kiddy in any ways. Heck they are more complex than some games costing ~ $500 million from other companies. Regarding broader appeal- this can be debated. Switch sold in millions due to two reasons. First was the price and second was the form factor ie handheld. You can play full fledged aaa first party games handheld which amplified its appeal. Nintendo has first movers advantage in first world nations, no question about that, but so does sony (in 2022). In my personal opinion, golden days of Nintendo were gcube / wii era (in terms of variety and number of exclusives/FP games launched). Switch era is still not done so the jury is still out.
  3. All your contexts, statements etc are extremely vague. How do you define entertainment value? Do you feel games like returnal, Spiderman, RnC, GoT, HFW etc are "lesser in entertainment value" than Nintendo's offerings. Who cares about what you have "noticed". Any simple research will tell you that sony (as on 2022) is indeed the biggest gaming company, no matter whatever you try to peddle here.
  4. In what sense? If you talk about revenue, Nintendo is third after sony and tencent.
  5. You guys are on the wrong thread. You should be more active on the infinite thread.
  6. 🤖S @Vaibhavp @Kumar123 after being asked by mods to not crap the tlou r thread 👇
  7. So it's clear all your opinions on the tlou thread has no basis in reality.
  8. The reason why this thread is dead and why bots are crapping Sony threads.
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