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  1. I haven’t downloaded or played the game yet and I got it on the 17th actually. Looking to get a refund because the goty version is on sale now for 1499.
  2. ^ No. I am not aware of refund policy adopted by Sony for online purchases, so can I get a refund for the purchase I did last week ? Any timeline before which I need to submit the request ? Is it possible for the request to be rejected ?
  3. Darn it !!! I got the Spider-Man Standard edition last week for 1299 and there was no sale on GOTY edition. Now in the summer sale it’s for 1499. Can I get a refund for my earlier purchase and get this one ?
  4. WR10

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    How many hours of story does the Frozen wild provide ? Also what are the prerequisites to start with Frozen Wilds ?
  5. I played it for a while and got bored super quickly. Is the gameplay all about taking down the Colossus's or as it progresses there are new stuff to do ?
  6. WR10

    Steam deals

    Todays deal : Co-op bundle - Payday 2 & Warhammer: Vermintide 2 for 210 bucks. https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/15608/Summer_Coop_Bundle/
  7. Heard the Series X will have the GPU equivalent of 2080. Not sure about the PS5 though, if it will be on par with Series X or not. But by default it will only be 4k 30fps I guess.
  8. I am looking to upgrade my current setup to a 1440p rig. So need suggestions on a decent 27 inch 1440p display within 20k. Thanks.
  9. WR10

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Liked the storm bird better though. Had to use so many rope casters to tie them down before dealing a lot of melee damage to them. Also those machines that drills underground and pops outta nowhere. That thing was great too.
  10. So with normal GP you only get games with Standard Edition and not the Ultimate/Deluxe/Premium ?
  11. Ya exactly what I am planning on doing. Since the listing in Steam is confusing.
  12. I am looking to get the PC Game pass and I don't have an Xbox. I would like to know the following : 1. So lets say I am getting the PC game Pass what are the benefits to upgrading to the Ultimate ? 2. Also, the subscription rate is currently at 50 per month and after that it will be 249 right ? 3. If I am currently playing one of the games that is available in its roster and down the line it gets removed, I will no longer be able to continue playing that game ?
  13. WR10


    For me Ludwig was the major pain in the back. Eventhough I had dodged that initial jump attack he does as soon as you enter the arena, I still keep getting pounded by it from time to time. He must have smoked me like 20 times before I summoned an NPC and took him out. Although for me Laurence was a bit better and manageable. I wiped the floor with Maria and the Orphan battle was well, I was shaking uncontrollably like I was going though morphine withdrawals when he just had 1% of his HP left.
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