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  1. The colour,brightness,backlight & contrast should be between 50-55. Sharpness is very low around 10-15.
  2. Am playing from the internal HDD and my TV isn't HDR compatible(TCL 39 inches). I have turned off all post processing effects. Also, my TV doesn't have a gaming mode if that's somehow related to this.
  3. No. Just the slim. I played Horizon Zero Dawn and it looked great. Dunno why this game looks like its meant to be played on the PS3.
  4. Am midway through this game and I dunno why, but I keep getting the feeling that the graphics look too washed out or the textures look like they are set to low/medium.Is there some tweaking I have to do in my TV settings to get the best out of this game ?
  5. WR10

    Battlefield 1

    Chennai. If past experiences are anything to go by, it's safe to say I will end up having a torrid time playing online. ISP is ACT if that helps.
  6. WR10

    Battlefield 1

    180+ even for the asian servers ?
  7. WR10

    Battlefield 1

    Am currently in the Middle East and will be returning to India in a couple of months. I have no idea about the pings or the player count over there (PS4). So can someone tell me how the latency is and also how difficult it is to find a fully populated server any time of the day ?
  8. WR10

    The PSN ID thread

    lackadiddledee56. People playing BF1 on PS4 add me.
  9. Dark souls 3, Quantum break & BF4 multiplayer. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  10. WR10

    Titanfall 2

    Haven't played the original titanfall. How long will It take for me to get a grip on the game ?
  11. Well am kicking myself for buying the 970 @ 26k this Feb when I could have waited a bit more and gotten the 1060 6gb variant.
  12. Wait, what Gtx 1060 6 gigs for just 16k ? Is that like a sale price or something
  13. WR10

    Mafia III

    Is it true that there is no fast travel in this game?
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