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  1. Razpor


    There will be no massive peak in the way other western nations have seen (one good thing about locking down early), we ll keep getting a consistent number of cases stretched over a longer time,if all goes well might start seeing very few new cases by june ending. Kinda stumped by situation in Maharashtra though,its pretty obvious State govt there has failed stupendously in making sure lock-down is followed,no other way to explain this rise,without a huge number of people coming in contact with each other.
  2. Razpor


    Sure, but lethality of a virus in modern times is not just about mortality but about how deeply it effects the economy and underlying social effects. Easy transmission permits this disease to cause unprecedented changes in our lifestyle and business activity ,likes of which we haven't seen in a long long time.
  3. Razpor


    Though those things are quite bad as well, but i doubt humanity has faced a phase of non-activity or lock down or whatever you wanna call it on such a massive scale for quite a while,you don't know how this period will be read as in human history ,maybe it will be worse than those events ?? no one knows,we are still going through this,so making an assumption just now would be foolish.
  4. Razpor


    ICMR counts all samples and lists them on thier reports thats why thier numbers are always higher the ministry of health. Even for yesterday the no of new cases reported is 1340+ but ICMR on the other hand mentioned 2154.
  5. Razpor


    yeah ,i know ,all i meant was number is cumulative. stage 3 is already here i think,186 asymptomatic cases detected in delhi today,tough few weeks ahead , especially in delhi and mumbai.
  6. Razpor


    2154 does not mean all new cases ,it includes old cases which are retested as well to check if they are better,so new cases are likely lower ,like yesterday 1443 were positive which were reported by ICMR but only 950+ were new cases.
  7. Razpor

    Cricket 19

    i bought it ,amazing price on steam,they deserve the support.
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