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  1. Girlfriend experience has released one of her best video on understanding the story of tlous2 The narrative structure is one the best boldest done in video games history. Easily one of the game of the generation
  2. Oh you haven't came to the best part yet The real gameplay start from chapter 3, when entire gameplay is around matirea Wait till the matirea open up in chapter 3. access matirea you'll get in chapter 3 which tell the weakness of enemies. Also I read your previous post where fire didn't help much against the boss, cloud actually says during the boss fight, that the boss is weak to lighting Anyways once you get the access matirea your life will be sorted
  3. Glad you're getting a hold of the combat. The combat has huge depth. Let me help you with some tips so you can enjoy the combat to the fullest. 1) Keep switching your character. The entire game is balanced around that. The first boss when you fought, if he is going to do a major attack on cloud then switch to Barrett. Party ai will always block then attack and you get an opening with Barret. 2) on punisher mode , whenever cloud block , he will always parry do use it , you don't need to time a button 3) once you start getting matirea use it well. Reach out to me once you finish first 4 chapter will explain in depth 4) learn triple slash ability as soon as you get the iron blade weapon , ( learning ability is a must) as you can unlock it with any weapon 5) master staggering Create pressure with punisher attacks -> use focussed thrust (cloud) or focused shot (Barret) to increase stagger There are certain abilities which increases stagger and certain abilities like braver which does damage.
  4. Got my platinum - 106 hrs done
  5. 'Pranay


    A lot of company will have a wait and watch situation. My company told me to work from home next 2 months, we cancelled our wework contract, looking at their condition
  6. 'Pranay


    Mumbai ? Looking at the condition, it will last week of may
  7. Finished in 35 hrs Best jrpg this gen. Loved the combat
  8. 'Pranay

    Persona 5

    Genre - jrpg Release date - winter 2014 Platform - ps3 ,
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