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  1. In the end they didn't like the pitch and they rejected it. Happens in every company.
  2. PlayStation has their own way of communication , sucks for the hardcore but it worked last year Lot of BS gets posted these days. Remember when re8 was struggling to run last year and people going mad about it ?
  3. Depends on your taste If your open to all types, P5 and The last Guardian is something ill recommend first Yeah (Not on GAF post the split
  4. It's an emotionally overwhelming experience in regards to Story but Worth it IMO. ND took risk with the story telling and imo they delivered. The Cast were Top Notch As a game , the Level Design was top notch allowing different ways of tackling situations to progress and making full use of the arsenal. Mechanically it is much superior to TLOU 1. One of the best graphical looking games on PS4 with great levels of detailing done by ND that it's literally mind blowing on the minute stuff they have added to the game. Add in great audio with amazing accessibility option in terms of difficulty. The Game as an overall package rightfully is not only one of the best games last year but one of the best this gen. TLOU 2 totally is worth playing as a "game" Amazing Story helps it elevate much further
  5. Death Stranding and FF 7 Remake PS5 ports should be soon as per era insiders
  6. if the current psn sales are an indication, Digital is good if you are not some one who buys day 1 Manage to grab a hell load of games at good prices
  7. FIFA best selling game in UK - Boxed Only * Uk is only physical charts COD is the best selling game in UK
  8. Pre Order Are Anyways Happening Soon basis on the news received. I would recommend wait. If you cant wait then buy Persona 4 on Steam/Vita and pass time till then.
  9. This badly format Serp felt like its getting updated
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