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  1. vickysud01

    Gears 5

    Anyone got into a match ? it's been an hour still not finding a match.
  2. vickysud01

    Gears 5

    Add me GT: PlainDosa
  3. From the makers of Insidious, Get Out and Udta Punjab.
  4. Bhuvi on fire 3 wickets in 3 overs. SA : 13/3
  5. Anyone watching La casa de papel ? Finished it last night and its by far the best, if not the best show of 2017 for me.
  6. vickysud01

    Ashes Cricket

    Played for couple of hours and easily the best cricket game. Feels a lot better than DBC17. Batting & Bowling animations are too good feels like a proper cricket game. Looks like graphics are improved from DBC17
  7. This one https://www.appworldin.com/ aptronix doesn’t have stock it didn’t launch in Hyderabad and it will take another week.
  8. Called up the store and It’s being sold for 1.10lakh for 64gb in Hyderabad. When I asked why not the MRP price, due to very limited stock and it will be sold at mrp after 10days. When I asked it’s being sold at mrp everywhere , they said it’s directly from Apple we are quoting this price only the pre-orders are being delivered at MRP. Is it the same in other cities too ?
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