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  1. you need to understand the workload before you throw random numbers based random metrics. The geekbench numbers are useless because the forum isn't CPU heavy, it's IO Heavy. I looked up CloudWatch metrics, the average CPU utilization is less than 15%. There's a reason we have separate managed database and compute instance: the compute instance is quite cheap (less than $8 per month) and the heavy work(and expense) is done by the managed database. The forum is extremely database heavy and the IO workload choked the web server and as a result we ended up with 500 errors. And IVG was on a dedicated server(which IIRC cost 2x our current monthly bill), not a shared host. I don't know how "plesk 3 domains" will be easy to maintain security wise, please enlighten me. And like I said, if you're interested in taking over running the servers and maintaining them, I'd be more than happy. Funfact:, IVG does 150k+ views daily with half of it being absorbed by cloudflare with over 2Gigs of bandwidth.
  2. it's a t2.micro instance + t2.small Aurora RDS
  3. you're welcome to move/migrate/maintain it. I'd like to see double the performance of AWS at lesser price.
  4. How to take 7 years to ship a beta https://t.co/RfzoGUn99j

  5. RT @preshit: There’s really no concept of “privacy” in this country. One of the film festivals in the country is openly offering 10000 to 2…

  6. @amruthhr Nope, has built in Chromecast support

  7. @bored__soul @rajat15 Did it in one shot on a whim lol

  8. Woah! Splunk Closes Acquisition of VictorOps https://t.co/7HzVPQmhFi

  9. RT @arthens: Holy sh*t Twitter bought Smyte and immediately shut it down. We had a 3 years contract with them and they just disappeared ove…

  10. ♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: Dave Matthews Band (10), Angra (3), Mötley Crüe (2), Billy Idol (1) & Blonker (1) via @tweeklyfm #music

  11. Put up a small demo repo demonstrating a typical "devops" workflow of build, test, validate, release consisting of… https://t.co/EIv40gbdXc

  12. RT @acorn: On the scale of Bengaluru’s priorities, regulating pet dogs in apartments ought to be somewhere between investigating Elvis sigh…

  13. Trying out Crew 2 Beta: https://t.co/yEjT9YYas5 via @YouTube

  14. Adobe [Noida] is Hiring for Computer Scientist (C/C++ and Android)! Hit me up if you want a referral https://t.co/ZRQaVwEnxe

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