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  1. kushalrocks

    The CREW 2

    Guys anyone got the disc version from India or Flipkart , I had preorder it and got disc for Xbox one but did not receive code for Harley iron 883 . Got some stupid jeeps and plane.
  2. got today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Finished God of War , Now started Hellblade Senua's sacrifice on XB1X
  4. Started Far cry 5 Xbox One X and gears 4 multiplayer
  5. What 4K content are there on amazon prime India ,I am using app on Xbox one X connected to 4K tv , I don’t see option to select 4K, or heck choose any video option it auto selects 1080p.How to choose video option for 4K.
  6. Thanks ordered batman origins and dark souls , batman is backward compatible (hope dark souls 2 would be soon )
  7. Hope Xbox One X launch in India soon (doubt it would) eagerly waiting to play 4K 60fps mp
  8. Game is still good , easily find matches , but disappointed with the maps they gave , , plus packs suck , always get shitty characters .but I enjoy mp a lot coalition sucks when it comes to mp in front of epic games .they should get cliff back I played 200 hours of multiplayer , yet to go beyond third chapter act 1 😝
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