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  1. I have a budget of around Rs.18000 and i want to buy a xbox 360 pro 60gb which cost around 23000 here.

    can i import it and what will it cost then if i want to import a xbox 360 60gb

    I am totally zero in importing any thing i don't know how to pay, is it safe or not,when to pay,what about warranty .

    plz reply i will be waiting for it.



    get the new arcade console and buy the HDD after, even a 20gb hdd is enough, since arcade consoles are new jasper & hdmi & 1+ 2 years rrod warranty also

  2. Ordered 2 games from PA but haven't got them yet.


    Midnight Club : order shipped on 19th Dec

    Far Cry 2 : order shipped on 1st Jan


    Could be stuck at customs..any idea how can we found that we have some shipment stuck up there?


    inform it to the play-asia customer service, since play-asia provides insurance on shipping. so if the games are lost play-asia will provide you complete refund .

  3. QUOTE(lithuvien @ Oct 22 2008, 08:55 AM)

    This is what has finally happened with my PA order. Now, I would like some advice from experienced members:


    1) Should I take the store credit and sell it off to someone who wants to prder from PA?


    2) Take a risk and order it from PA again?





    yup go for option no -1.

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