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  1. They should just replace"late 2020" with "late"
  2. Xsx In stock on amazon. Grab it guys. Delivery: December30
  3. The only thing thats missing is Craig's reflection in the headlight
  4. Yea i keep checking how much that green progress bar in flipkart order details has moved
  5. ban but keep saying that you will unban him "this week" or "soon"
  6. that sucks. i was counting on it to play before i get super busy in jan. even xbox controller comes with 15 day trial
  7. Congrats ! Doesn't it come with a 15 day gamepass or something?
  8. man. I could have got a ps5 from murica and waited for xsx for a while
  9. serious question: which multiplat game runs better on xsx so far?
  10. You guys talking about some RPtech shop or an online store? Please share a link/address
  11. 5950x is back in stock on mdcomputers
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