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  1. You mean the 20% with indexation is going to be removed?
  2. Ram Dante


    Is there an easy/normal mode in this game for casual to a slightly challenging experience? I feel like trying it, but I don't want the game to be something like Sekiro/souls like. Where we keep dying, until you master it.
  3. At first I thought it was kinda funny, but later it more turned out to be creepy AF. https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2023/02/16/microsoft-bing-ai-chat-interview/ Somehow reminded me of the short story/game, "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream"
  4. Which one? Ports?
  5. Who’s stocking up on Adani this fall?
  6. Anyone watched Babylon? Worth watching in theatres? Choosing between Puss in boots and this..
  7. Wow! The song sounds terrible though 😂
  8. Are you saying it's a good buying opportunity?
  9. I think it's high time that we kill this thread. Must be just me, but don't like to see this thread popping up at the top every now and then..
  10. Oh man! This is such sad news. He was the real deal, the best goddamn Batman there is!
  11. Yeah, United were clearly the better team. If only we could start converting those chances..
  12. Ronaldo is a gone case. He should be given the Auba(@ arsenal) treatment, till he moves out.
  13. I whole heartedly agree to this. The behaviour is so inconsistent. It works on most screens, but in others I'm just swiping 2x3 times uselessly, before tapping the back button at the very top (which is hard to reach single-handed)
  14. Why would you go for a P7pro from a S22 Ultra!? S22 Ultra is already pretty good as it is. And should be right up there with the top 5 or even 3 cameras (on phones) in the market.
  15. Covishield. My doctors actually suggested holding off from going for any further boosters, saying its not really required at this point.
  16. All this Vaccine good/not-good talk is confusing me. I need to take a booster now. So, is it okay to take the Pfizer or Moderna? Or is it safer/better to take Covishield(AstraZeneca) at this point?
  17. I think in another 2-3years, Google might reach unattainable levels in terms of software based image quality. Might even start applying the same algos for the video captures.
  18. Even I didnt know much about Raja Raja chola. But after the movie, got to know about his big history. He's supposedly considered as one of the smartest and powerful rulers in India. In one instance, he waged a series of wars and defeated a string of Indian kings on the path to Ganga, just because some king denied to give him some water from the Ganga river But the movie, at least the part 1, doesn't cover any of that. It only just covers some parts before his ascension to the throne. And also a lot of politics surrounding his father(present king), brother(karikala chola) and his old affair.
  19. Yes, Pro Max 256. In SG for work, so got it here.
  20. Thank, but it's a freakin $100. That 27.5ft drop tested though Cool! Does this one get yellow over time?
  21. Switched to the dark side Need to get a better case! Any suggestions people? I am okay with slightly bulky protective ones.
  22. Dahmer - Monster on netflix was Didn't want to watch beyond the 4th episode. And for whatever I watched, I had to fast-forward most of it. It was sickening, and the scenes kinda crawls under your skin. The lead actor was so damn convincing for the role!
  23. A bit late to the party, but finally caught up with Ponniyin Selvan - 1, and it was fabulous! I feel like going all in and start reading the actual Tamil novels.. The casting was great, everyone brought their A-game, Aishwarya Rai & Trisha were stand outs. Jayam Ravi was a surprise act, given the momentous feat of taking up the titular role. For a movie which was shot mostly through wave 1 & 2 of pandemic, its a great thing what they've achieved. There aren't a lot of EPIC scenes like in other recent movies, which was a good thing. As it delivered most of the stuff through proper content & screenplay. Eagerly waiting for PS-2 now!
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