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  1. The game's going for about 1k on PSN right now. Is it worth getting?
  2. Okay sorry, I'm done. Nothing more to watch here
  3. Decided to hold off from watching after reading the day 1 reviews. But the reviews from the last couple of days have sort of turned around. I guess I should go watch it now then!
  4. Spiderman 2 PS5 going for ~3.6k or 3.8k on Flipkart with Axis Fk card (+ game pass coupon - 5% or 10% discount)
  5. +1 Unless the movie gets the ultimate word of mouth hype and Hindi market audience realise that it's the same director as Vikram, I don't see a Vijay movie crossing 500-600 cr
  6. Airpods 2 for ~7k or Samsung Buds 2 pro for ~6k I'll be using it with an iPhone, mainly for music and taking calls during commute.
  7. Nice! Do you see any bottleneck problems with the R5 3600 and the 4070? I have one as well, just wondering if I should go for 7800xt/4070 or opt for something more modest for the 3600 combination.
  8. The combat looks clunky and kinda sh*t, but the assassinations are very smooth though!
  9. What's Flipkart ultimate gaming pass? I couldn't find that on Fk.
  10. Asking for a friend. Can someone help share relevant learning materials for a newbie who wants get into markets (day, swing, long trades on stocks, options)? The person has poor understanding of money/economics etc., I've seen many recommendations of Zerodha Varsity, which I believe may not be beginner friendly. But are there any other good materials, books, videos to basically go from zero-to-sort-of-hero?
  11. Wait for the remaster.. Sorry remake!
  12. You mean the 20% with indexation is going to be removed?
  13. Ram Dante


    Is there an easy/normal mode in this game for casual to a slightly challenging experience? I feel like trying it, but I don't want the game to be something like Sekiro/souls like. Where we keep dying, until you master it.
  14. At first I thought it was kinda funny, but later it more turned out to be creepy AF. https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2023/02/16/microsoft-bing-ai-chat-interview/ Somehow reminded me of the short story/game, "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream"
  15. Who’s stocking up on Adani this fall?
  16. Anyone watched Babylon? Worth watching in theatres? Choosing between Puss in boots and this..
  17. Wow! The song sounds terrible though ?
  18. Are you saying it's a good buying opportunity?
  19. I think it's high time that we kill this thread. Must be just me, but don't like to see this thread popping up at the top every now and then..
  20. Oh man! This is such sad news. He was the real deal, the best goddamn Batman there is!
  21. Yeah, United were clearly the better team. If only we could start converting those chances..
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