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  1. Did DK make it to the world Cup squad yet? With the form he's in, he's a must have for the team.
  2. Haha gave a very short review, the second day after the movie released. Guess you missed it If you haven't gotten around to watch it yet, I would say please don't waste any more time. The movie is great, nice plot(ties up with Khaidi movie) predictable in places, but the action, presentation and bgm is top-notch! All the 3 actors get equal roles, and they all easily proved why they're the best in the business. And Suriya steals the show in the end. The movie has broken all TN 2022 box-office records. And it still has potential to get into all-time top 3 (TN). So glad that Kamalhassan got a big one before end of his career, its long overdue.
  3. Yes, most action movies are illogical. But they at least try to keep the action sequences within the limits of believability. Or the background/storyline of the movie let's them breach those levels (Ex: Bahubali, more fantasy/myth like) But in RRR it was super hero/mythological level of absurd action, with down-to-earth regular humans from British period as the background. That was my major problem with RRR, but other than that, it was proper blockbuster material!
  4. Vikram (VikramHitlist) was fantastic! Such a treat for fanboys and for neutral viewers too. Kamal Hassan was a beast. Fahad Fassil and Vijay Sethupathi had great roles too, and they nailed them.
  5. Top Gun was wow! Felt like a proper 90s action flick. Glad I took the Imax route. With the overdose of *boom boom pow*, and superhero stuff these days, it was so nice to watch, and felt refreshing for a change.
  6. City For godsake don't let Liverpool win..
  7. You can try Kodaikanal (TN), beautiful & a serene hill station. It should be decently cold enough in June. Its usually crowded, but schools re-open by 1st week of June here. So, beyond that, the crowd would be minimal during weekdays.
  8. I didn't, and for once I'm glad I didn't get the IPO. The market is wild right now!
  9. It's one of the good android phones out there, decent battery, fantastic processor, competitive camera. Only downside is its close to 2 years old now, and there is probably just 1 more OS update left for it.
  10. Thanks man. Common sense prevailed, and decided to hold on at least until BBD. 😄
  11. Anyone willing to spare their HDFC CC on Samsung Corporate site? I'm looking to get the S20 FE, but unfortunately my Diners isn't getting accepted.
  12. Using referral code brings it further down to 12.8k.
  13. I have one with SBI. Got 7.5% for my cibil(74x), with no pre-closure or partial pre-pay charges. There will be processing charges(~2000), but if there's any offer, that will be waived off. You might get slightly better rates if cibil is 750+.
  14. Lol no, you're just stereotyping. Besides, south also includes Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada too. Each having their own share of good movies, and a lot more than Telugu, in my opinion. If you're up for it, I'm sure people here can list out a few movies, that can really change your opinion. 😜
  15. Oh I did, but only used when Lou wasn't around. Also, I mostly played with lower difficulty levels, so it was mostly very easy to face them. But the problem with BTs are it basically breaks the flow. Just when I hit the stride and get into a zen mode, they come in and ruin the calm. But I guess it was necessary to have that bit of variety in the gameplay, or else it would've just been a pure delivery simulator 😁
  16. Do you have the name ? My falling hairs would than you for it 😁
  17. Just ended this! Beautiful experience, except for the BTs The story was alright, and Lou is a champ Is there a way to see the no. of hours played?
  18. Is there any other Foreign MF that's good and doesn't get affected by this limit issue?
  19. THIS! I guess most people aren't getting this, and expecting way too much from the Batman. I bet the sequel would have a much improved batman, if it ever happens.
  20. Galaxy S22 going for ~62k on Amazon. Good deal?
  21. I think some of this goof ups are valid, but it didn't affect the overall experience much, at least for me. Also, the Batman depicted here is definitely not the world's greatest detective, at least not yet. They tried to portray that he's still learning/mastering it, and being a bullet sponge in a few scenes also fits the case. In long halloween, he goes helpless and desperate seeking for clues and answers, that it almost feels sorry. At least here they didn't go to that extent.
  22. The Batman was great, very long halloweenish. Pattinson delivered! The thing I didnt like was his emo makeup & hair style, but it did fit the tone of the movie though. The visuals were so artsy, felt like reading through a graphic novel! And the first 10mins is godsend for bat nerds ❤️
  23. Death Stranding DC Kojima-san never disappoints!
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