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  1. Thanks. Its was quoted by a nearby Chroma store after all cashbacks, republic day discounts few days ago. Will have to check again though.
  2. Is Sony X90L 65' in 1.30L a good deal for OTT/PS5 usecase with 12+ Ft distance?
  3. Its 3K without EMI and 5K with EMI using HDFC. There's no additional 1K on HDFC. Didnt have coins but got 1000 off from Gamepass. so its around 8K assuming that EMI hack works.
  4. Ordered one PS5 just now for a friend, it came around 39,669.
  5. Ok. Could be. I received following message. Didn't try after that. We thank you for your interest shown on HDFC Bank Credit Card. While processing your application we observe that you already hold a HDFC Bank Credit Card. We are therefore placing your above mentioned application on hold and request you to consider the option of limit enhancement on your existing HDFC Bank credit card.
  6. HDFC wont issue you Rupay card if you already hold another card from you. I had to go for Axis IOCL as there's nearby IOCL bunk.
  7. Looking to buy a 75 inch TV down the road without spending much. I have a Vu 55 from last couple of years and has good experience with it. Does anyone else have experience with Vu brand? It seems to have pretty good reviews (1220) and rating (4.7). Ofcourse it wont be matched with Sony/LGs/Samsung but can live with it if its decent enough for daily viewing/playing in HDR. https://www.amazon.in/inches-Masterpiece-Android-75QMP-Speaker/dp/B09TB9V5R1?ref_=Oct_DLandingS_D_b9793985_2&th=1
  8. It took couple of hrs to get the message from ICICI, not sure how long it actually took. HDFC was almost instant. How does it matter? It should just be credited successfully as last date is still far away in most cases. UX is pretty much uncluttered as there's nothing else other than CC payment I guess.
  9. Took a risk to use a relatively new app called CheQ today to pay outstanding credit bills in excess of 3L and received around 1500 as Amazon cashback. Not too much but everything is either capped at 750 or doesn't pay anything at all like Gpay or Netbanking. Atleast I was able to recover transaction fee levied at one of the portal.
  10. Ok thanks. I will look up MCC. Was also thinking about getting a RuPay card. Heard we can make transactions to UPI without a charge using it.
  11. I have a 42K Medical expense monthly. I am currently paying via UPI but pressurising merchant to allow me to pay via HDFC DCB CC so that I can roll the money more effectively and get some rewards points. DCB offers 5 rewards points for every 150 rs, Is there any other card in market which I can target? Asking @KunjanPSD and other specifically. The merchant is resisting with 2% charges, I gave him an earful with RBI's link. Have to buy from him (only reseller), any other "innovative" way to solve this? I can still recover 1% from rewards points as such.
  12. Samsung S21 FE retailing for 34,999 at Flipkart. Used to be around 50K few months back I guess.. https://www.flipkart.com/samsung-galaxy-s21-fe-5g-graphite-128-gb/p/itm7be0f72fff180?marketplace=FLIPKART&q=samsung+s21+fe&srno=s_1_2&fm=organic&ppt=pp&ppn=pp&qH=d97019d05293176c
  13. Samsung S21 FE going for 34,999 at Flipkart. This is the lowest price I have seen for this phone which used to retain around 50K some time back. https://www.flipkart.com/samsung-galaxy-s21-fe-5g-graphite-128-gb/p/itm7be0f72fff180?marketplace=FLIPKART&q=samsung+s21+fe&srno=s_1_2&fm=organic&ppt=pp&ppn=pp&qH=d97019d05293176c
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