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  1. Gear s3 frontier or the galaxy smart watch??
  2. Hey guys I'm planning on buying a smart watch. Could you tell me which is the best one available in the market for Android users
  3. Guys is the Amazon Show 5 worth buying or is there any better alternative in the indian market right now
  4. Upgraded from Excitel 75mbps for 2693 for 3 months to 100mbos for 3171 for 3 months
  5. 4 tb not available at that rate anymore 😐😐😐
  6. Exactly my feelings. England were lucky throughout the tournament. France should win it this time with the quality and cohesion they have.
  7. I wanted these 4 teams to be in the semis right from the beginning so now it doesn't matter to me whichever takes the trophy home I'm happy either way 😋😋😋
  8. I'm currently using hathway connection 200gb @ 50mbps. It was a 6 months plan for Rs.5600 I want to get a 100mbps connection. Which isp would you guys suggest in Delhi???
  9. Hey guys, I need to buy a new phone for my sister. Budget < 20000 No micromax, Vivo, Karbonn Should be future proof for atleast 2 years. Good Cameras , front and rear. Good Battery life. Good charging rate. Thanks.
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